I would like to say that this is my very first time creating a blog, but the sad truth is this might just be somewhere along the lines of my fifteenth.. That is, if I count the blogs I’ve started since third grade (holla at all the xanga peeps out there.) The only difference with those blogs which have been deleted and will be forever missed, is that I actually plan on keeping this one. 

Easier said than done due to the fact that I have said that many a times (hahaha it’s so sad how true that is) and failed. Maybe it was due to laziness (okay yeah this was probably the biggest reason,) not knowing what to write about, feeling like my writing simply isn’t good enough, and simply just not being motivated enough. 

But this time, I’m not putting restrictions on myself about what I’m going to post. I hated trying to stick to one genre so this time, all cards are on the table. Music? Television? Movies? Pop culture? Fashion? Suuuuure. 

*cracks knuckles* ah, this should be fun.