I’ve always wanted to have afternoon tea. I mean, it’s a grown up tea party. With pastries. And macarons. What could be better? So I decided that for my birthday, I should finally go out and try it. When I did my research… ohhhh boy. I was fortunate enough to find out that Vancouver was packed with Afternoon/High Tea places. But I never knew just how pricey grown up tea parties could be. And since I wasn’t working that summer, money was tight. 
I did a little bit more digging and with the help of other local blogs (yaaaaay bloggers) I found that Truffles was right around my price range. The price for two was half the price for all the other places!! Score!! 
It was a bit hard finding the place so here’s a huuuuuge tip for anyone planning to go and wanting to save a walking trip wandering around the streets (a tip that might’ve been helpful to me since I was wearing heels) park in the Van Deusen Garden parking lot. We walked through the parking lot and didn’t see any signs for paid parking. Also if you park inside, you’ll find the actual restaurant much, much easier than when you’re looking for it in the streets. 
It was a warm yet gloomy day so we decided to eat outside. The couches closest to the part with no roof were of course, damp but the cushions were pretty comfortable. We also opted for the patio because of the view. A major addition is the fact that you get to see a part of the gardens. Pretty neat. 
We ordered the normal afternoon tea for two. They offer a normal menu as well. They ask you which tea you’d like. They had chai, green, and others but they also offer their very own house blend. I chose the house blend. They also ask which sandwich you’d like and I chose Ham & Swiss. 

The wait wasn’t long and in a matter of minutes, this lovely spread arrived. After trying their house blend, I can try and guess and say that it’s some sort black tea. Orange pekoe probably. The panini was amazing. We worked our way up the tiers and it was good. It was good, I just can’t say that it was to our liking? All I can say is that we enjoyed the tea much more than we enjoyed the finger food. 

Overall it was a good experience and a definite must if you’re just wanting to introduce yourself to afternoon/high tea.