C and I eat out… frequently. But last year we realized that we just binge ate wherever we went and we weren’t really watching what we were eating. We’re a bit different this year. First of all, we want to eat healthier and secondly, we want to stray away from chain restaurants. Mostly because chain restaurants just make everything so over priced for food that is sub par. So we’ve been on the hunt for some good local places and I did my research. 

First one up was Be’wiched Cafe in Surrey, just a couple minutes from home. We were shocked when we used Google Maps cause we’ve literally driven by the area tons of times but we’ve always overlooked it. 

We got inside and we were instantly greeted with one of the warmest welcomes an individual can ever receive. It was Halloween morning which explained the calmness of the place. The owner (whose name I failed to get) told us that we were lucky because she often had days where the line would go out the door. 

She asked us if we were knew and we said yes. She then told us about the place and how they work. We took a while to make up our minds on what to get so while we were deciding she allowed us to have a quick taste of their pulled pork. Let me just say that we went in there to just get sandwiches but once I had a taste of that chili, I had to get my own bowl. 

We took a while but I finally settled on getting the Chicken Cubano, but Caliente style cause I wanted those yummy banana peppers. My boyfriend was stuck between the Monte Cristo and a Chicken Pesto so what she did was explain what went into the Monte Cristo and even let my boyfriend get a taste of their pesto sauce to help make up his mind. The pesto won him over and that’s what he ordered. 

We got our pulled pork chili first which came with a free asiago biscuit, but she ended up giving one to my boyfriend too since we were sharing one bowl of chili. “Since you’re my newbies, I have to spoil ya.” Haha, the best thing ever to be honest. 

While we were eating I realized that with each customer, she almost knew every single one which meant that they had lots of regulars. But this guy, a first timer like us, didn’t know what he wanted specifically. He knew he wanted soup, but didn’t have an idea what kind he wanted. So she brought him over to the soups and allowed him to taste them all. “You shouldn’t buy something if you’re not sure what it tastes like.” Yeap, I too live by those words. 

After a while we finally got our sandwiches, right off the grill. It was delicious to say the least. I got a taste of the Chicken Pesto and I understood why my boyfriend chose it. The pesto sauce was better than any I’ve tried before. The flavors were so rich and everything was just delicious together. 

We were pretty full but I had eyed a couple of desserts before sitting down to eat. I caved and eventually bought the White & Dark Choc Hazelnut cookie. It was everything I ever loved in the cookie. And the homemade-ness of it was the perfect cherry on top. 

I guess you can say that we very much enjoyed our first experienced at Be’wiched Cafe. We can’t wait to go back.