During the #BCStorm, and due to the fact that we had an electrical stove, my boyfriend decided to take me out to eat for brunch. If it wasn’t obvious by now…. I really love brunch. It is by far my favorite meal. I have heard lots of good things about Wooden Spoon and have passed by it several times but we finally decided to try it out. It was a packed house that morning and they had this cool thing (cool to me because it was my first time seeing it) where they just put your information in on their ipad and you can take a walk outside and receive a text when they’re ready for you. 

Because of the fact that trees were falling, and the wind was strong enough to make it hard to physically walk outside, we just waited in our car. The parking spots in front of the bistro were free for 2 hours, score. They told us our estimated wait time was 15 minutes, but after around 10 we got our text. 

It was quite a bit of a wait, but seeing as how it was a full house and the power was drifting on and off, we didn’t mind at all. I went with the SoCal Benny and my boyfriend went for The Wooden Benny

I chose the SoCal because I’ve never really seen a benedict that had chicken and avocado in it and those were the exact flavors I was craving. This was a couple of weeks back so I can’t recall the exact flavors it had but it was very delicious. The chicken was cooked in a tomato sauce with some Mexican spices and the avocado was made more of a spread on the base of the muffin. The egg was poached to a perfect medium and the hollandaise was very light. I have to say though, that the star of this dish were the potato fritters. We were pretty upset that the meal only came with three fritters because they were amazing. It was very crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. The moment we both took a bite we looked at each other like o.m.g. what is this???? 

The Wooden benny is just a basic benny. What makes it stand out from most other bennies is the bacon gremolata  and the tomato jam. It has the richness of most benedicts with a sweet twist to it. 

What we also noticed with our meals was that it was filling, but it wasn’t heavy. We were quite full at the end of our meal but not to the point where we felt like we just wanted to nap. A thing that I really love about this bistro is that all of their dishes are made with locally sourced ingredients. You can really feel and taste the love in the quality of the food and I think that’s what made this meal as great as it was. 

It takes a bit of finding in the heart of White Rock, but if you spot Wooden Spoon, especially during brunch hours, I highly recommend it.