I have no clue if it’s obvious but … I’m kind of in love with Brunch? Like if every single meal could be one category… it should be Brunch. With that being said, my boyfriend and I have a list (that’s constantly growing to this date) of brunch places around Vancouver to try out.

Today we decided to try out Catch 122. On weekdays brunch is available from 8 am – 4 pm and on weekends brunch is available from 9 am – 4 pm. There’s quite a bit of side street parking available and we ended up parking on West Pender street. It was pretty amusing though cause on the way to Catch, we probably passed by 5 coffee shops/bakeries ((side note: some of which I must try soon)).

It was a fairly gloomy day, slight bit of rain, and we got there at around 1:45 pm so it was pretty busy. We got in and they told us that it would be around a 10-15 minute wait but it felt like we were seated after 5 minutes of waiting.

I immediately fell in love with the rustic feel of the space. I knew I should have taken more pictures of the interior but since the lighting was very dark and that was combined with a gloomy afternoon and a very busy restaurant, I decided not to take any.

We were greeted right away by our server and immediately given water with the menu ready right away. I can tell our utensils and cups were fresh because they were still warm from the washer. He apologized for it but I actually prefer knowing the things I’m about to put in my mouth were just cleaned seconds before being handed to me.

C got the Eggs Benedict with the smoked salmon and I opted for the Gastown Classic with over easy eggs and maple pork sausage (pictured above). We’ve had our fair share of eggs benedict across the lower mainland and I’ve got to say that Catch 122 has one of the creamiest and richest hollandaise sauces. I also noticed that their sauce had a little more of a zesty kick to it. Mayhaps they added more lemon juice than the normal quantity needed for hollandaise? I have no clue but it was delicious. As for my breakfast, the first thing I noticed was the fact that they gave me whole grain bread without me even asking for it. And that was a definite plus. The beans tasted like, beans nothing really special. I wasn’t sure if the maple pork sausage was supposed to have a hint of sweetness to it, but it just tasted like a normal pork sausage. Don’t get me wrong though, it was a good sausage. We both got loaded servings of hash which was amazing because for the cut sizes they gave, other restaurants would probably give only 3-5 pieces. We both also got a little side salad which was amaze because whenever I have a rich breakfast, I like having something fresh to cut the greasyness. Also because I love arugula??? I also love how the servers asked if we wanted ketchup or hot sauce right after placing our plates down. I have no clue what hot sauce they use at Catch but it was the perfectly spicy without overpowering.

All in all, with the combination of service and the food quality, it was an amazing experience. The server told us that it was one of their busy times as well but that didn’t stop him from providing outstanding service and didn’t make us feel rushed in any way.

One of our new top brunch spots, for sure.