Since school is finally dying down and I’ve only got finals left, I’ve got a bit of spare time to do a bit of catching up with posts that should have been posted a while back but someone was just too darn busy and let’s be real… lazy.

My boyfriend and I have been Miguel fans, since day one. Since Sure Thing. And while I was a little bit iffy on attending his concert (just because we’ve already attended two prior to this but more on that on other posts) my boyfriend Chris was very adamant on going. So after actually exiting Ticketmaster and losing tickets, we went back and luckily ended up with another pair of tickets. We didn’t know it until a couple weeks after we bought the tickets but apparently the tickets sold out pretty quickly.

We didn’t want to make the mistake of going to line up way too damn early and standing there for hours, so Chris and I took our time and didn’t rush going to the venue. We got to the Commodore at around 5-6 and even had time to grab a bite at Opa! prior to getting to the venue and to our luck, without even trying, we were literally third in line. Soon while waiting though, we started to get a bit discouraged because of the insane amount of people who had the passes.

QUICK SIDE STORY: While in line, I was just talking to Chris when suddenly I stopped and gripped his arm really hard. Because just nonchalantly standing just a few feet away from me was Emily Bett Rickards (from Arrow). I wanted to ask for a picture but there were a few things I had in mind. 1) She was out with a friend and I didn’t want to disrupt them. 2) If I had asked for a picture with her, the people who did know her in the concert lineup would have also seen and had done the same and it seemed like they just really wanted to go and eat. So I just stood there, fangirling about her beautifulness and her eyes that were even bluer in person than they were on tv. I think she knew I spotted her cause we made eye contact and I’m sure she knew I wanted to approach her but agh I just didn’t want to bother her HAHA. And weirdly, as she entered the restaurant, Kacey Rohl, who played Abigail Hobbs in Hannibal, also left the same exact restaurant. That’s Vancouver for ya. North Hollywood.

Haha okay so back to the concert. When they finally started letting the vip people in, we kind of knew that we weren’t going to get a good view of the show. But much to our luck, right when we got in… the vip people I guess didn’t want the general area? And they decided to stay by the tables to have drinks during the show. So I took Chris by the hand and I booked it to the front. We were lucky enough to get second row cause this girl saved literally…. 4 people’s worth of space in the front for her friends…. Yep.

But we were still very fortunate for our place especially since we just paid for the general admission. Miguel’s opening act was Dorothy. She had like an hour long set? I did not know about her prior to the show but she gave me a very old school rock & roll vibe that I was down with haha. She had swagger, she had the sex appeal, and she was just great in general as well as her band. After Dorothy was Miguel’s DJ. But.. it was not working out well because of a mixture of two things. The songs she played were alright at best and also her audio wasn’t functioning well so it was just all… off.

It finally came down to Miguel and from beginning to end, his energy and stage presence was unmatched. My boyfriend fell in love with the Wildheart CD the moment he bought it so seeing the look on his face when he heard his favorite songs was priceless.

I also loved that the crowd, especially the people we were around were just vibing to his music. There were a couple of people who were trying to budge but literally none of us moved and we stood our ground and they walked away disappointed.

*Kanye Shrug* If you want a good view, you gotta endure waiting in that line for hours.

I’m sitting here trying to find other words to describe how we felt during the whole show but it was just… crazy. It was wild. It was amazing. It was everything you would expect out of Miguel.

I loved that he chose such a small venue because it turns it into such an intimate experience and that’s what he really wants from his shows. Throughout the show he gave words of wisdom in a very Prince-like fashion. I caught some of them on my phone but sadly that phone broke and those moments went along with it.

The gist of it was, to never lose yourself. To never conform. To always be free. To live life the way you want to without the influence of others, the influence of media (especially social networks). And he really explains that through his song What’s Normal Anyway? It talks about his struggle of being a Half Black Half Mexican kid and just always wondering where he fits in. Where he belongs.

He had a total of 4 outfits all of which just somehow matched his songs and I found that well thought out and very well executed.

Aside from his Wildheart album, he busted out the classics. He did Sure Thing, his reworked version of How Many Drinks (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge), and others including mine and Chris’ song Do You. My eyes literally started tearing because that was our song and we were hearing it live and it was just .. all too much for me to handle. All the damn feels. HAHA.

Before ending his show, he stood right up to the front row and ya girl got to touch THEM ABS AND HIS HAND. YAS GIRL. YASSSSSSSS. Haha Chris was trying to touch him too but he ended up getting a grab of Miguel’s butt HAHAHA. So I mean.. who was the real winner there. He did a stage dive after and literally crowd surfed the whole venue.

He ended the show but you know, came back out for an encore. And it was all just… perfection. Miguel’s stage presence is truly unmatched and I’m so happy I got to witness it.

*All photos above were taken by me and my Canon G11*