This morning when I woke up, I had a realization that Christmas is done.. which means that there are only 6 more days until the New Year. This made me feel pretty nostalgic about the year and caused me to go through my Twitter, Facebook, and my planners just to see what I was up to this year.

Things about myself
Well not much happened really. I left my teen years behind and turned 20. Even though my friends can vouch for the fact that I have the mentality of a stereotypical middle aged housewife. I dyed my hair with the help of my boyfriend. Only to feel it was subpar and ended up chopping it all off. A regret I have to this day. I learned to drive a lot more even though I still don’t see myself getting my license anytime soon. I learned that after all these years, my emotions were deeply rooted within something and there was an explanation for it. I choose not to medicate myself and believe that I can get through this on my own, with the help of those closest to me. I started eating a lot healthier and been a lot more strict on my gym schedule. I stopped drinking so carelessly. I learned that it’s okay to let people go. Sometimes you just see how a person no longer provides any value to your life and that’s okay. Being confident in yourself makes a world of a difference.

TV Shows
Going through my twitter I realized that I talked an awful lot about TV shows this year, and that is with good reason. A lot of good shows started and came back this year. House of Cards came back with their new season, I was still stuck on The Flash and Arrow, How to Get Away with Murder, The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, I watched all of Scandal in a span of a week, binge watched all the new Netflix series like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Daredevil, Sense8, and Jessica Jones. 

I think the real question is, what don’t I watch. And ask my friends this but it is applicable to both movies and shows. Some stand outs were Age of Ultron, Ant Man, Straight Outta Compton, Inside Out, Jurassic World, Insurgent, Scorch Trials, Burnt, Ex Machina, Paper Towns, Southpaw, Creed, and I haven’t seen it yet but if I did I’m sure The Force Awakens would be on this list.

Concerts & a Music Festival
I talked about the two concerts I went to this year down below (Kehlani and Miguel) but I didn’t get the chance to talk about the music festival we went to. It was a 2 day event called Fvded in the Park and it just happened to be a local show. It took place in a park (lol obvs, Michelle) that was 15 minutes away from home. We got to see Vic Mensa, Tokimonsta, Afrojack, Deadmau5, Weeknd, Stwo, Tyler the Creator, Keys & Krates, and Flosstradamus. It was a really great first time music fest experience. 

Celebrity interactions
Seeing as Vancouver is called “North Hollywood” aka where a bunch of tv shows and movies film because it kind of looks like big cities like LA and New York but I guess filming here is cheaper or something and it’s less busy?? or things like that I have no clue but the bottom line is.. lots of things get filmed here which means lots of celebrities just walk around willy nilly. While waiting in line for Kehlani, Grant Gustin (aka the Flash, yes.) was just walking his dogs. And I would’ve said hi if it wasn’t for the fact that I froze on the spot and literally could not talk. This happened again as I mentioned below while waiting for Miguel when Emily Bett Rickards (aka Felicity from Arrow) was also just walking with her friend. I also had tons of interactions with people I loved online like low key artists and producers like SPZRKT, the Mulherin Twins, Miguel, Alina Baraz and Galimatias, and Us the Duo. And by interaction on the internet I basically mean I tweeted about them and they either favorited, replied, or retweeted HAHA.

Other notable events
My boyfriend and I passed our two year mark and are well on our way to our third. I’ve been seeing my friends a lot more than we have been seeing each other the past years since high school ended and it feels nice. These are the first friends I made when I first moved to Canada and it’s nice to know that they are still the ones I can rely on 5 years later. 

It’s crazy to think that 365-ish days could fit in 4 categories. And 2 of them not even being actual things to remember but just things I spent time on. Of course there are tons of other things that happened that I just can’t categorize. 

As usual, it was a bittersweet year. With really high highs, and pretty damn low lows. This is something I hope to change within the next year but more on that on another post. 

I hope your holidays were amazing, and I hope that 2015 treated you with kindness. 

If not, let’s kick 2016’s ass together. 
It’s the year we start making moves.