I have lived in Canada and the Philippines for the last 7 years but prior to that, I was living in the Bay Area. And to be honest, a part of me will always consider that place home because it is one of the best places to live in. Just the people, the food, the music. 

So when I heard that a 19 year old from the Bay Area was comin up, I had to see what she was about. I listened to Cloud 19 and let me just tell you. Once I listened to it, it was on repeat for every day that followed. I was like damn this girl got mad talent. And the fact that she was my age made my respect for her even higher. So I was bumpin Cloud 19 until…. she announced YSBH. 





Let me just say that that mixtape got me through some stuff. Kehlani has always been an advocate of self love, and spreading love. And when there were times where I doubted myself, didn’t feel good about myself, was just having a rough week, that mixtape was one of the only things that could pull me from the hole of self despair. 

Namely songs like Alive, Be Alright, and Bright.

I played that mixtape from the moment she dropped until… now. Both mixtapes. She’s so good that magazines all over the world have been including her in top albums of the year but she’s only dropped mixtapes. 

The moment she announced her tour, I checked all her accounts daily. And once they released the Vancouver date, your girl bought the tickets the moment they went on sale. Not just that, the tickets were only going for $15.00! I was so happy that I got my tickets with no problems before they sold out. 

On the day of the concert, I got … a tad bit excited. The show was supposed to start at 10 and doors opened at 9. But seeing as the show sold out, I was assumed that we should go super early in order to get a good spot since it was general admission. We got to the venue at 4PM, crazy I know trust me, and there was nobody in line. Which made me quite happy but the summer heat was blazing strong and I was starting to regret my decision. I regretted it even more when I realized that there was VIP and they were going to be able to go in first. So no food in my system, the summer heat, and standing in line for hours, was making me a little grumpy. When we were about to enter the venue, I felt like I was going to pass out so my boyfriend talked to one of the bouncers of the Alexander and they got me a bottle of water! Shoutouts to them. 

<- while we were waiting Kehlani also nonchalantly walked past the line like no biggie. Yas queen yaaas.

Finally we got in and we got front row. Like.. FRONT ROW. (((I could’ve touched her she was right in front of me)))) Although the ticket said that Kehlani would be on at 10 we found out that her set wasn’t going to start until midnight. She had three opening acts namely: Marc E. Bassy, Pell, and her DJ Micah. 
I’m not gonna front and act like I knew the opening acts aside from Micah, but I had 0 clue about who they were and had no prior expectations to how they would be. But my boyfriend and I fell in loooooove with Marc E. Bassy. Right after the show we got his EP and we still continue to listen to East Hollywood to this day. 

When Micah finally introduced Kehlani, I almost cried. I literally screamed so loud I could feel my throat closing in. She performs exactly like how she sounds on her mixtape and I could do nothing but stand in awe and take in her whole performance. I couldn’t even bother to pull out my phone or camera to take pictures. 

I was in the moment. And it was amazing.