Hello, 2016. This is the year we’re gonna get. shit. done.
I was going to make a New Years Resolution post, but resolutions have a reputation behind them as things people say they will do, but give up on soon after. So instead of resolutions, I’ll call them New Years Goals. Goals give a feeling of accomplishment, as opposed to words merely written down somewhere.
So, here it goes. My 2016 Goals:
  • Graduate with good grades        
  • Find practicum downtown and make it a permanent job.
  •  Figure out during practicum if I want to stay where I am or continue onto paralegal studies.
  • Go on a small vacation for my birthday.
  •  Keep up my workout routine of going 3-5 times a week.
  • Some time in the year, go on a cleanse and begin a balanced and healthy diet.
  •  Give myself more “Me days”
  •  To not let planning the future prevent me from enjoying the present. (aka don’t let it stress me out too much)
  •  Plan a big trip with C and go either around Christmas time or his birthday next year.
  •  Try harder to follow through when it comes to meeting up with friends.
  •  Learn a new skill or start a new hobby.
  • Take more pictures and videos.
  •  Read more.
  •  Find more things to blog about so I can post on here more often!
  •  Start vlogging? Maybe even start a youtube channel?
  • To get rid of things that are not good for my mental health.
  • The biggest goal of the year (aside from getting a puppy) is to save up and move out with C.
As you can see, some of these goals are pretty “small”. These are included for two reasons. Small goals are very easy to achieve but still give you something to work towards. Once achieved, the size of the goal doesn’t matter, it still gives you a feeling of accomplishment.
I have become a planner and by that I mean, I love planning. I love making lists. I love to-do’s. I love having the visual of what I need to do and I like seeing them getting crossed off. This list is not only listed on this blog, it’s also on my board, and right next to it is a different version, and in my agenda my goals are broken down by months.
I have been looking forward to finally start a life on my own and I feel like this is the year that it will begin.
I hope that this year goes as well as I planned and hoped for.

And I hope that this year brings you nothing but positive vibes. May your eyebrows and eyeliners be on fleek, and yo contour be poppin all year. Love you