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As a struggling college student, sometimes you don’t have the funds to give your significant other just exactly what you want to give them. So, what do you do?


I find that DIY gifts are better anyways because it take a lot of time and effort and they will see that and appreciate it that much more.

If you are music fans like C and I, one of the best things to give is a mixtape. I’ve made C about 6-7 during our years together and they all have a different theme. I’ve made him a turn up playlist (that he rarely plays cause he’s not a big fan of house music), songs that we feel are ours, and more recently, mixes of music we discovered together for the upcoming seasons.

A big part of why I did this is because for the former part of our relationship, the car that he was driving didn’t have an AUX plug outlet so we had no choice but to listen to CDs. This wasn’t a big deal to C since he is literally one of the only people I know that still enjoys purchasing CDs. So that’s where I got this idea from.

I purchased the CDs with the cases back when Target still existed in Canada for about $15 for a set of 5. I wish that more stores sold these because another way of going the extra mile is creating custom CD covers, such as the ones you see above.

I’m really big of crafting so this is where you can really get the creative juice flowing. I like the simple construction paper background but C really enjoyed the one with the collage. That was made through printing at pictures at Walmart but printing them out in the collage option. That way you get 4 mini pictures for the size of one whole one. I pick this printing option whenever I make little things such as this because the normal 9X4 is way too big.

Take it from me, and all the other 90s babies out there, no matter how cool the aux cables function is, there’s nothing more romantic than someone handing you a CD dictating how they feel about you through songs.