*** From now on, any movie or show review that contains spoilers, will be titled Spoiler Alert. ***

Before I begin this post, I will start by saying that I am in no way an expert…. in anything in life really, but particularly about comics. I have always been an enthusiast, both about Marvel and DC, and have read a comic book here and there but never a whole series. So will I know what I’m talking about? Probably not but that’s literally applicable to any post on this blog haha!

There’s been a whole controversy surrounding this movie ever since its debut because critics were saying it was bad but audiences liked it. I knew that ultimately though, only I could judge it when I saw it myself.

With a new Batman, comes a new set of parents … that end up dying. I giggled a little though because they chose Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, aka The Walking Dead’s Maggie and Negan. Which if you know what happens in the comics, is a little ironic.

A good chunk of the film is dedicated to Batman preparing for his confrontation with the Man of Steel. He sees Superman as someone who does things with no regards to casualties and can quickly turn on the planet he says he’s trying to save. Which… for a two and a half hour movie… they spend a little bit too much time on. So much so, that when they end up becoming “friends” you realize was a complete waste. Even C said, “What the heck they were just kicking each other’s asses a minute ago now they’re friends?” Which made me laugh.

This is the film where they start to gear up for the upcoming DC films. To be quite honest, the introductions might have been my favorite part of the whole movie. Most of the Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) scenes were already shown in the trailers so as much as I am excited for her solo film, I felt that she was basically unnecessary in this movie. They gave Ezra a short talking cameo also which made me freaaaaaak the f*&! ouuuuuuuuuut. Because I knew that it was Flash but his face didn’t look like his face so it took a while to register. But also. A mask???? What????? Where are they going with his costume????? Time travel???? As for the remaining two cameos, they were simply in video clips stolen from Lex Luthor’s metahuman files. The files already had the logos so without even having their names, you already knew who they were. Which begs you to ask the question… how does Lex know about these people and Bruce know nothing? We finally get a glimpse of majestic ass Jason Momoa in all his glory as Aquaman. And even if he didn’t have any lines it was enough to make me squirm in my seat with excitement. That man was literally born for that role and I am so excited. The last file was Cyborg’s file and. Wow. I’m pretty sure someone told me there was gonna be a Cyborg film but for some reason I didn’t know so I was pretty much flipping out because wow.

Two big things that made me cringe in the film are characters. Lois Lane and Lex Luthor. Major characters, yes. Key characters, yes. But they were just not given the proper tlc. Lois Lane spent the whole damn movie playing the damsel in distress…. Well in all honesty every girl but Gal was given that role. So even though we were introduced to this Warrior Princess of the Amazon, all the damsels overshadowed her. With so much testosterone, I wanted the female characters to be able to fend for themselves. Which sadly, they did not. Jesse Eisenberg as Lex was another let down. From all the portrayals of Lex that I’ve seen, this was the worst. I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt but even after watching, I wasn’t impressed. I was used to seeing a Lex that was sophisticated and collected. Instead we got this mumbling, over-enthusiastic, ball of mess.

I liked the movie, I enjoyed it. But I didn’t love it. There was definitely too much hype around it and as an introduction to the Justice League series, it was weak. I am definitely excited about the solo movies coming up though, and I feel like the DC films have no way to go but up. I’m gonna give this movie a 3.75 because it was an enjoyable film. It was fun to watch. But it just wasn’t that¬†great.