Once Spring officially arrived, Vancouver has been continuously giving the most amazing weather. There will be a week to a week and a half of sunshine, a short cloudy and rainy break, and back to beautiful weather. Sadly, C has had work every single time the weather was nice. But this week, we were finally given the opportunity to go for a hike.

We decided that since it was our first hike of the year, we would go somewhere close and do a hike that was fairly easy. Upon research, we realized that our failed attempt at hiking at Quarry Rock last year can be redeemed this year since it was considered one of the easier hikes. Last year when we tried to go, it ended up raining the moment we got to the beginning of the trail.

Though the forecast early this week said it was going to be hot today (Sunday April 3, 2016), that quickly changed this morning when it said that it would be cloudy with a chance of rain. We spent an hour this morning contemplating whether or not to carry on with the hike but once we saw the sun rise, we knew it was going to be a good day.

We were on the road by 8:45-ish and we got to our destination by 9:46. With our stomachs filled with sausage McMuffin meals (2 for the price of one with coupons haaaaay) we were pretty ready for the hike. Especially since we had our coffees either black or pretty dang close to black.

In the beginning, C and I were greeted by a set of very familiar looking and very intimidating stairs (hey there Grouse Grind). To our shock though, after a couple of flights, there would be a flat path, as well as downhill paths. We were assuming before beginning the hike that it would just be a never-ending set of vertical stairs that was gonna make me regret having leg day just the day before. And since there was only one way up to the peak and back down, there were many times where tight spaces had to be used strategically to maintain the smooth flow for everyone. It was either to stop and move aside for someone or to just try and squeeze through.

C and I forgot that we were trying to time the hike up to the peak but if we had to guess it would be anywhere from 30-45 minutes? The cloudy forecast was nothing more than a false report from the weather app yet again because not even 10 minutes into the hike, C and I had already shed our jackets and were already sweating in our hats.

The one thing I will say about the hike is that there are a lot of rocks on the trail… like… a lot. I was wearing my Nike Roshes so I didn’t really feel the actual rocks but there were enough of them to constantly shift the weight on my legs and change the direction I landed in. In other words, this hike broke my ankle harder than any point guard could ever break it in a one on one game.

We reached the peak at around 11:00 and it was already filled with people. Taking pictures, setting a picnic, etc. The highest point of the peak was a very popular spot. As soon as the people who were sitting there left, in a matter of seconds someone was ready to take their place.

After a sweat-filled hike up, sitting at the peak for a couple of minutes felt very relaxing. Though there was a lot of people, the conversations were very hushed. There was also a nice breeze that felt very refreshing. We hung out at the peak for 15 minutes before exploring some more and finding a secondary peak that didn’t really have a different view from the peak we were already at.

It was a very fun hike and I even ran into someone who I literally haven’t seen in years. **shoutout to Maisie Aldana** Despite my lack of sleep, C was really impressed because I’m the kind of girl who likes to complain about literally everything on a hike but on this one, I was able to keep up my pace and even run at times.