I know that it’s been quite some time now since the official start of Spring, but I was really taking my time to try and curate the best mix that I could for the season.

I tend to make these mixes for C so I decided to make one for you guys as well. This is a mix of new songs and old. Just anything that I’ve been really gravitating towards recently and I expect to listen to until Summer rolls around.

I know that it’s not an official “mix” per se, in the sense that you can’t hear the songs, but seeing as how that would take a lot of work, I decided to just make a tracklist. This list is in no particular order at all.

If you see songs you haven’t heard before, I recommend that you give em a listen. And if you feel like I’m missing out on particular artists/songs, please feel free to let me know! I’m always on the lookout for new music.

from me to you,