Ever since I heard about the Catfe, I knew that I wanted to go. I knew that they were super popular in Asia and I always thought that the concept was interesting. There was so much buzz around it from the beginning that my anticipation only grew more and more. On December 14 2015, they opened their doors. I guess I didn’t really grasp just exactly how busy it was going to be but on a random day in January 2016, we decided to do a drop in because my brother said that he did that and got in.

C and I went there and sadly we were turned away because it was fully booked. We had a chance to talk to the barista though and she gave us some more information about the cafe. The cats come from a partnership with the BC SPCA which I loved right from the beginning. The Catfe was actually so successful that they temporarily closed for a while because so many people decided to give these cats a permanent home. She also explained to us the purpose of the admission fee. She told us that aside from covering the rent for the space, paying the salaries, etc, they also donate to foundations. Although the thought of a “fee” makes it seem like it’s expensive, it is either 5 dollars + something from the cafe or just an 8 dollar standard fee. Their coffee and tea also come from local roasters.

The list of pros for the Catfe just kept going on and on.


That night, I booked a reservation right away. Sadly, every single day was booked up for the next couple of months. The first opening was in April 24 and I knew I had to book it right away before I lost a spot.

After months of anticipation, we finally got to go today. The 11 AM slot is the earliest and fortunately C and I ordered fast (a London Fog tea for me and apple juice for C) so we had time in the cat room to get comfortable with everything. We only ordered drinks but they offer various cat-themed treats including these adorable things:

The receptionist (I’m so sad I didn’t get her name but I was just so freakin excited to start playing with the kitties that I didn’t take the time to ask for it.) explained to us in detail all the rules. But if you don’t have extra time, there are illustrations on the wall that say all the rules. After signing in and signing a waiver, you walk down a short hallway where on the left, a wall is filled with some meowchandise as they like to call it. She also told us that it was an interesting day because there was a total of 15 cats, when they usually have around 8-12.

Since it was the morning I was expecting most of them were sleeping so C and I had time to put our stuff away in the metal bins placed around the room. They also have a wall filled with profiles of the cat that were there that day.

As soon as we sat down, we were greeted right away with the two cutest kitties. When C sat down, a kitty named Kirby sat down on his lap right away.

 And as for me, I made a friend in a queen called Mary Poppins.

I couldn’t believe it but the profiles couldn’t be more accurate. Kirby was labelled as a “true lover of laps” which C learned to be very true. Mary Poppins was labeled as “sociable and affectionate”. Which was also very true. I set up in that chair pictured above and when I would get up and play with other cats, I would find her posing very cutely on the chair waiting to be cuddled again.

Aside from the cats, there are also various board games spread out in the room. C and I found one of our favorite games Exploding Kittens. (Yet again I beat him. Heh. Heh. Heh.)

So while the clock kept ticking down, my allergies started to increase. I was never sure of it, but I guess today confirmed that I am allergic to cats? Nothing serious but definitely an itchy throat and lots and lots and lots of sneezing.

But I didn’t let that stop me because after taking more pictures and videos, C and I made one last friend.

Meet Minnie. She is characterized as a kitty who likes to “…be pet and brushed, and will cuddle if you let her. She will curl around your legs and head-butt you in hopes of a petting” And that is exactly what happened. She curled around my legs and I couldn’t handle it. I sat down and she didn’t let me leave until our time ran out and people for the 12 PM reservation came in. 

It was an amazing hour and it was a really fun experience. C, who actually doesn’t even like cats, had a good time. It was all thanks to Kirby. She won him over the moment she sat down on his lap and started purring until he pet her.

If you ever want to visit the Catfe, visit their website here for more information, the address, and to make reservations.