I was at the mall with my friend Audrey a couple of weeks ago. She was on the hunt for a moisturizer so I decided to search for a cleanser as well since I was running low. I don’t really know much about skin products so I was staring at the wall of products with no idea where to even begin.

As I scanned the products some familiar names popped out. I have pretty problematic skin in the sense that my pores are open so it traps dirty really easily. I also have acne prone and oily skin. So. Yeah. Problems.

A while ago, I remember I read somewhere that charcoal is good at extracting dirt and oil. So as soon as I saw the Biore charcoal face wash, I gravitated towards it. But not only that, I told Audrey,

I don’t even know I saw Shay (Mitchell) take a picture holding this once so you know it’s legit.


I real life. 100% bought a product just because of Shay.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I bought it and I haven’t touched it after purchasing it. I still had some of my St. Ives green tea face wash left and was waiting to use up until the last drop before opening my new cleanser. I finally got to try it today, just an hour ago to be exact and I knew I had to write about it.

First thing’s first, it smells amazing. I can’t describe the scent but just know it smells freaking good. The scent doesn’t linger, so if you’re sensitive to strong scents, it won’t be something to worry about. When applying it to my face, it left a cooling and tingling sensation. I didn’t expect it, but had I read the back of the bottle before applying, I would’ve known to expect it. I just applied it evenly and took a minute to massage it throughout my face.

The back of the cleanser claims that your, “pores are twice as clean after just one use.”

I want to say that that claim is straight bs. But I can’t. I wish I took a before and after picture to show the results but holy moly. There is a huge difference. Yes there is still some trace of blackheads on my nose but I know how stubborn those can get so it wasn’t a big deal. But it definitely washed away a good percentage of it.

So take it from someone with very stubborn and problematic skin that this cleanser works.

10/10. Highly recommend.