I don’t know about you but when I think about my relationship with Chipotle, I think of that Vine when the kid goes “I LOVE CHIPOTLE, CHIPOTLE IS MY LIFE.” And since I worked there for a while, that addiction was heightened. By. A lot.

And you’d think that some norovirus reports would scare me away.. But … um…. nope…. It’s a serious problem…….

Anyways, by working there, I managed to pick up a couple of hacks that I frequently use and wanted to share with you guys.

Double up! 

Team members are given recommended serving sizes. To be frank, they spend a whole lot of time in training perfecting serving sizes. But if you frequently go to Chipotle, you’ll notice that serving sizes always differ. Sometimes you get more, sometimes you get less. When you get the latter and feel like you want more, just ask!

You can double up on literally anything on the line for free except for meat, which is extra, and guacamole, which I’m actually not too sure if you can get double of unless you pay for it twice.

You can also do the “if not this then that” approach. Don’t want beans? Double up on rice! You like the corn salsa and the salsa verde? Why not both?! “Sour cream or cheese?” MORE LIKE SOUR CREAM AND CHEESE!

There is no secret menu

Ah, the coveted secret menu. One of the first things we learned during training was the fact that it simply does not exist. But depending on the chain you go to, they might be able to cater to your needs.

Straight up lookin at you ques-a-rito.

For those of you that don’t know, a quesarito is basically a burrito covered in melted cheese on the inside. A burrito x quesadilla baby.

Although there is not secret menu, it’s actually part of our training to learn how to make one. But it is a little tedious to make so if you insist on trying a quesarito, try to ask for it on a time when it’s not busy.