I learned to ignore critics and people on the internet before heading in to watch a movie. I hate watching movies with someone else’s thoughts already instilled in my brain, whether it be good or bad. I’ve seen bad movies which people claimed to be amazing and vice versa. I finally learned to tune them out and just go in with no expectations.

Neighbors 2, was funny. Simple as that. Written and produced by Seth Rogen, he really addressed some feminist issues and I was just sitting in the theatre like daaaaaaamn ya’ll. Stay woke.

I’ve never been a part of the Greek system so I never knew the issues they faced. In the movie the biggest problem the Sorority faces is that they aren’t allowed to throw parties, only the fraternities are allowed to do that.

I don’t know how much of that is accurate but from what I know from my friends that go to University, it sounds pretty true.

In light of the recent events such as the Brock Turner trial, it was refreshing to see the rape culture in college being addressed. Now although it is a serious issue, it is addressed in a very dry fashion. It is a serious issue, yes but they still show it in a way that makes it something to laugh at.


I am all for bad ass feminists so I appreciate the fact that the characters Chloe, Kiersey, and Beanie play are basically real life feminists. Girls who just want to be able to do what the guys do, who don’t stand for sexism, who don’t shove their beliefs down people’s throats (but can still educate them), and let people do whatever the hell they wanna do.

Another thing I liked about this movie was that it was able to hold multiple story lines without making it too heavy and tied them all together very well.

Seth & Rose’s characters are once again pregnant *with another girl* and after finally deciding to sell the house that caused them so much pain in the first movie, they find out that they have to be able to convince the new buyers that this house is worth buying for a whole month – 30 days.

Shit hits the fan, as it usually does, when the sorority moves in next door. And like the circle of life, they are back again waging a war with their neighbors.

Though the premise is almost exactly the same, the execution was so well done that it didn’t feel like déjà vu.

Going in with no expectations, I genuinely enjoyed the movie. And surprisingly, I walked out feeling feminist af. I think it’s a great movie to go see and I’m gonna go ahead and give it a 3.75/5.

I was gonna give it a 4 but I give everything else a 4 so I wanted to be different. The -.25 would probably be due to the fact that I probably won’t watch the movie again.