Damn Michelle, back at it again with another (late) movie review.

How do I even begin with this one though. First thing’s first. I saw this popular opinion around the interwebz that this movie was definitely Avengers level, unlike the previous movie which felt more like it should’ve been titled Iron Man: Age of Ultron.

As much as I love all the Marvel movies, cinematically and story wise the Russo Brothers have killed it every single time with Cap.

After The First Avenger, I thought there’s no way they can top this.

Then they did? With Winter Soldier. I was like okay no way. There’s no way you can top this one.


Damn you Joe. Damn you Anthony. Damn you both.

I think part of what made this movie so gripping was, and I’m taking this out of what Anthony Mackie said on his podcast with Nerdist, is that… the stakes are higher.

He says that if it had included Thor and Hulk the stakes wouldn’t be the same. Because Thor is a God. A literal God. And Hulk could basically kill whoever he wants. So the fact that you have Cap and Tony who do have their own form of armor still have the risk of dying at the end of the day.

Now, C isn’t as big of a fan of MCU as I am.. he’s DC. Not of the cinematic world, but of the stories. He’s a biiiiig Batman fan. But he actually really liked and enjoyed this movie. Which made me happy.

A lot of doubt prior to the release of Civil War was circled around the fact that they were going to be introducing two heavy hitters. Spider-Man and Black Panther. A lot of people were worried that there was going to be too many things going on or too many to go over and the execution might not go as well as planned.

Everything was tied together perfectly. I didn’t feel like I was being smothered by information and stories. Every story had a purpose. Every story fit into the big picture.

The problem with BvS was that the introduction for the upcoming Justice League movie overshadowed the rest of the story. Like I said in my post, I was the most excited about the cameos. And when you have a big plot like Batman going head to head with Superman, you don’t want a 2 minute cameo scene that doesn’t include either of them to be the most memorable scene.

That’s was so perfect about Civil War. I am stoked for all the new movies coming after this one, but I never strayed away from the storyline that was in front of me. (Black Panther is already a fan favorite. Spider-Man reboot 3.0 is truly embodying the comic book Spidey and that’s super exciting ANNND they just announced that Donald Glover is gonna be in the movie and I. am. HYPED.)

Anthony and Paul (Rudd) kicked ass being the comedy relief in such a heavy movie. Sebastian even had his moments too.

I don’t know if it was just me, but the Sharon Carter x Steve Rogers thing was weird. Like. That’s the love of your Aunt’s life. That’s the woman you love’s niece. It felt very forced. I honestly thought that Steve was just gonna live out the rest of his life single. Which I am perfectly fine with. Stop shoving love plot lines down my throat pls. Thx.

To end this; I’m going to say it. I’m gonna be the one that rips the band-aid. Who else wants to slap Tony silly and say “when. will. you. learn. to. listen. to. others??????” because that’s literally been his issue since for the past couple of movies. Like I know you want to do what’s best … but that’s what everyone else also wants?? Stop trying to control situations that end up getting even worse because of u??? I’m tired Tony. I’m tiiiiiiired.

All in all. Great movie. A heavy hitter that I definitely cannot wait to watch again just so I can be all up in my feelings all over again. A strong 4.5/5. I’m really scared to give my first 5 so until I come across a movie that leaves me at a loss for words, I’m gonna save it. This movie definitely came close though.