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I wasn’t going to post about this but I have feelings and I need to share.

After watching the NBA Finals yesterday and having my team so close to topping their record breaking season with a championship only to come up short, was probably one of the most heartbreaking things to happen to me in a while. So right after the game, I tweeted:

Just starting GOT rn, I swear Jon better win the Battle of the Bastards cause I am not down with taking another L

So let’s break it down shall we.

This post is long and filled with spoilers.

The episode begins with Dani being the freakin badass that she is. I don’t understand when male leaders will realize that threatening her won’t work??? That it just makes her pissed??? And you’ll probably end up dead??? Which is exactly what happened. Dani tried to negotiate terms of surrender with the masters but when they rudely refused, badass D rode her bb boy Drogon to fuck. shit. up.

Also Grey Worm kills two of the masters (with the most finesse I think I’ve ever seen someone kill) and spares one which Tyrion tells to spread what he has witnessed. That his life was spared with the grace of Queen D.

After said battle, and probably a top moment from this episode aside from the battle, was when Yara and Theon finally meet with Dani and Tyrion. Their meeting begins with Tyrion telling Theon of what he was like the last time they saw each other. Of course that was the Theon pre-RamsaycuttingoffhisdickandmakinghimbelievehewasReek; and let’s be real, we all kinna hated that Theon too. But as he has said countless times before, that was a different time. This is how Theon introduces their case for an alliance. They will offer her their fleet and their ships if she will help rid the Iron Islands of their uncle.

Naturally Dani assumes that Theon will be the one to take the throne but when he says that he is unfit to rule and says that Yara is the rightful leader, Dani’s interest is piqued. She asks how many queens has the Iron Islands ever had and Yara says just about as much as Westeros.

Let me just interrupt and say. Oh. Ma. Gawd. It isn’t just Winter coming. Queens. QUEENS ARE COMING. And they are coming to get shit done.

The chemistry between Yara and Dani is was so amazing and for once, you start to believe that the Seven Kingdoms are on the path to a brighter future. But we alllllll know how George likes to show us a glimmer of hope and shit on it with a ton of bricks.

They end the meeting with Dani saying that everyone in the room had pretty awful fathers (great Father’s Day episode) but that they were going to be different. Although Tyrion was hesitant about the thought of an independent country outside of Westeros, Dani gives them the condition of no more pillaging and raping the nearby countries. Yara hesitates as this has been their way of life but when she looks to Theon, he nods his head and Yara accepts. She gets ready to shake Dani’s hand and she looks to Tyrion. He smiles and nods. After a shake an alliance is born.

The scene cuts to the North. The day before the battle, Ramsey gives them a chance to surrender. He says that his army is bigger. Jon offers to settle this the old fashioned way, with one on one combat. Since Ramsey has little to no experience in combat he dodges this offer and continues with his fear strategy stating that Jon’s army has no chance against his. He ends this meeting by telling Sansa that he looks forward to seeing her again, which sends a shiver down everyone’s spine to be honest. But before riding off, Sansa makes sure he knows that it’s his time that will soon be coming.

Later that night, Jon, Tormund, and Davos are developing strategies for the following day. Knowing that Ramsey cannot simply cower inside the walls of Winterfell, Jon plans to set a trap during the battle. After Tormund and Davos leave, Sansa tells her brother that it isn’t as simple as they are making it. They have less men, they are unprepared, and Ramsey will always 100 tricks up his sleeve. But this meant nothing to Jon. He had to work with what he had. She kept reiterating that she was the only one in their camp who truly knew Ramsay and maaaaybe she was worth hearing. But when Jon asked her for advice all she said was, don’t do what he wants you to do.

Let me just stop right there and say, what. the. actual. f&*! Sansa?! Maybe this is the right time to tell your brother you sent a raven calling on the Knights of the Vale???? But nope. She ends it by saying that she will not go back to Ramsey alive. Jon says that he will never let him touch her ever again and I pretty much died because swoon.

The scene switches to Tormund and Davos. Tormund says that he likes to get a good night’s sleep in before a big battle and Davos says that he is quite the opposite. He can’t sleep so instead he takes walks. When the thought of him walking for hours hit my brain, I  remembered on last weeks thread on the Game of Thrones subreddit, someone was asking if Davos will stumble upon the site where Shireen was burned. So I was like. Oh. Oh no. It’s gonna happen. And guess what? It did. And Ser Davos was pissed. Which came right on time because he started to head back to camp at sunrise.

The battle begins with complete silence. When Ramsey arrives he is shown holding a rope and I already knew what that meant. Rickon.

When he pulled out the knife I knew he wasn’t going to kill him right there and then. But when he said that they were going to play a game. I already knew. This boy ded. But that didn’t make watching it that much easier.

Ramsey said all Rickon had to do was run to his brother. So he did, and that’s when Ramsey started shooting arrows. Jon got on his horse and rode as fast as he could. But right when they came face to face, the arrow went through  Rickon. The look on Jon’s face was all it took. Everyone in his army knew it was time.

I don’t know about you but I was yelling at Rickon to zig freaking zag.

There was a slow zoom in on Jon’s face and you can tell that everyone was thinking *remember what Sansa said about not doing what he expects you to do* but his feelings got the best of him and he charged toward Ramsey.

Knowing that Jon would do exactly just that, Ramsey sent his horseriders charging at Jon and that is the beautiful scene you see at the top of this post.

Right when you think it’s a 1-vs-1000 battle, Jon’s men fly past and the battle begins.

This was said to be the biggest battle that Game of Thrones has shot to date and I’ve got to say it was one of the best to watch. I could not take my eyes off the screen.

During the battle, just as Sansa predicted, Jon falling for Ramsey’s trap was just about the worst that could happen. Because before they knew it, they were trapped inside a circle where Ramsey’s men had shields and spears that made for an impenetrable wall.

Ramsey is shown looking at the battle play out (from basically like 20 miles away because… coward) and you get this feeling that Sansa better have pulled through with the knights. And she did. And after having probably 80% of her brother’s army die, they are rescued.

Ramsey bolts (lol get it, Bolton…. HAHA) back inside the gates of Winterfell. Tormund, Wun Wun and Jon run after him and after Ramsey catches his breath Wun Wun breaks down the door and allows passage for Jon and his men. Ramsey, of course, wanting to cause as much destruction as he can, lands the final arrow that finally kills Wun Wun. Rest in Peace Wun Wun. You were just a pretty shiny thing that George would’ve never let us keep.


Ramsey, knowing that he was screwed, says that on second thought he does accept Jon’s offer of a one on one combat. He shoots arrows at Jon which he blocks like a badass and once he gets close enough, he starts beating the crap out of Ramsey and I’m sure that felt great for everyone watching. Jon stops after Ramsey is beaten just enough to keep him alive and keeps him prisoner.

Ramsey’s banners get taken down and a lone Stark banner proudly sits on Winterfell’s walls.

The episode ends with Sansa asking Jon where Ramsey is. She goes to him and utters the most terrifying phrase she can to him.

“Your words will disappear, your house will disappear, your name will disappear, all memory of you will disappear.”

At the end of the day, she knows that Ramsey wanted nothing more than to be remembered. To top it off, she leaves him to be fed on by his starving hounds.

An important moment is when the hounds first start eating Ramsey. You see her start to turn away, but in her moment of victory she continues to watch. And I think it was very important because you start to see that Sansa is beginning to be a force to be reckoned with. And that smirk at the end?? Ouuuu girl.

The episode was amazing and it might be one of my favorites. I can’t believe we’ve already reached the finale and now we have to wait a whole year for the new season.

Thoughts for the upcoming finale: Davos v Meli. Lots of theories surrounding that but I agree that if it comes down to Davos wanting to kill her, she will not fight and accept her fate. Sansa and where she messed up. Someone pointed out on a thread that although she saved the day, she let the 80% of the North’s army die while Littlefinger’s is vast and strong and this could be her downfall. And on the subject of Sansa, in the preview it shows Jon telling her to trust her and I’m just like ??????? I don’t know why you never let him know your plans in the beginning like girl that is your brother.

I hope that Game of Thrones ends this season on a high note. There’s a lot of pressure for that because the season as whole peaked and stayed at a constant then it basically skyrocketed for this episode so it would be disappointing if it matches the rest of the season. Especially with this episode, I have no clue how you could top it.

Don’t let us down. (idk how else to end this but that sounded a little too serious HAHA)