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As someone who spent years in Cali surrounded by the best taco joints, you can say that I’ve developed an obsession with them.

Living here in Vancouver it is so hard to find taco spots, let alone ones that taste even close to the authentic ones I was so used to having. But that doesn’t mean that there is a complete absence of them.

Tacofino isn’t some big secret that only locals know. In fact I think it is one of the most well known. I wish I could say that they satisfy my cravings for when I feen for authentic Mexican tacos but sadly they do not. Still delicious though!

They do however, make the best damn nachos I have had. And that’s saying something because anytime there are nachos offered on a menu, it’s guaranteed that I will order it.


These nachos come with salsa fresca, chipotle sour cream, and topped with queso fresca for $14. As per ushe I gotta get the guacamole on the side and here it costs an extra $4. This picture is definitely creating an illusion that this platter is small but I will say that it is the opposite of that. C and I eat a lot and even this is enough to get our stomachs decently stuffed.

They serve it to you fresh and the moment you bite into the tortilla, it is warm and provides a really strong crunch. The toppings are evenly distributed so every bite contains a little bit of the salsa, a little bit of the queso fresca, and you can still manage to dip a little part in the guac to complete the experience. It is definitely mouthwatering and the moment it lands on the table, it’s hard to stop eating.

Top: Fish Taco // Bottom: Red Chorizo Taco

As for tacos Tacofino is very well-known for their fish tacos. A tempura battered pacific cod sits on top of a flour tortilla topped with salsa fresca, chipotle mayo, and shredded cabbage. They definitely do not skimp on the size of the fish either because I would say it’s probably half of a fillet. It is light and definitely doesn’t feel too heavy on the stomach (unless you have two… which I have done before.) The salsa and the cabbage provide a fresh bite to the taco that really tie in all the flavours together.

Since the last time I went I ordered the fish taco, I wanted to switch it up and order something new. It was a toss up between the steak taco and the red chorizo taco and in the end, after rigorous decision making based on me holding up two fingers that represented each taco and making C choose a random one, it was decided that I would have the Red Chorizo Taco.

Red chorizo, “crispy kale”, avocado-jalapeno crema, and pickled onions sit atop a flour tortilla. I put quotation marks on the crispy kale because they were cooked down and were not crispy at all. The red chorizo had a very strong smoky flavor and was also salty which overpowered the crema and onions. I didn’t taste them at all. That’s not to say that it wasn’t good though. I just don’t see myself ordering it again unless I am craving that specific flavor.

Overall, Tacofino is worth the hype, especially when it comes to their nachos and fish tacos. The tacos they offer here are more of the fusion type and it’s interesting to see some of the combinations they put together. (Like steak and pineapples? What?)

Something to note is that they also offer burritos but since the restaurant is more a Taco Bar, the burritos they offer are only for takeout.