2016 Summer Movies have officially kicked off and the first one I got to see was Legend of Tarzan.

As a fan of the Disney animated movie, Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie, and Christoph Waltz, I knew that this was a film that I had to go see.

I was four years old when the Disney movie came out (1999) and watched it over and over again growing up but to be quite honest aside from the whole “Me Tarzan, you Jane” scenes I don’t really remember much.

I mean, your brain can only store so much memory about films before it starts erasing past memories to make room for new ones… right?

I will admit that at times the camera work was very sloppy and unnecessary. There was a scene where Samuel L. Jackson and Alex were talking and for each character’s parts the camera just rotates around them. And o. m. g. it was so weird that even C  looked at me like wtf. This is a big deal because he really doesn’t think about stuff like that when it comes to movies but it was so bad that it even bothered him.

Buuuuuut, I do not want to take away the credit that is deserved for some of the stunning nature shots.

After watching Jungle Book I also felt that the CGI for this movie was sub par; more so on the scenes when they were up in the trees. It felt very fake and with the movies that have been coming up recently, I was definitely expecting better quality. They did a great job with the animal CGI though.

Some parts felt flat on Alex’s portrayal but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Despite the film taking place years after the story that we know, it is unrealistic to expect Tarzan …. err John Clayton to be 100% the same as everyone else. Especially since you know, he literally went from the wild and not knowing how to speak English to becoming a man with a title.

His distance and his reluctance to speak more than a sentence kind of…. makes sense?

I read a couple of reviews saying that Margot’s acting fell very flat. It might be biased of me to say that I felt Margot’s performance was pretty good. (I might have been just focusing on her beauty for most of the film …. oops) Sure the writing for her Jane could’ve been better but I thought she did a good job with what she was given.

Christoph was amazing as always but I have to agree with a review I saw that his character did feel like it was something I had seen before. His portrayal of Leon Rom very much felt like that of Hans Landa (his character in Inglourious Basterds).

Someone who I never saw in the trailers and quite frankly didn’t even know was in the movie was Samuel L. Jackson. I enjoyed his comic relief and felt that his lines were appropriate to the scene and did not feel forced and unnatural.

Overall, it was a good movie when taken at face value. There were a lot of predictable parts but that’s pretty hard to avoid nowadays. In the end I would give it a solid 3/5 rating. (Aw snap. What’s that? A number other than 4?) It wasn’t terrible, it was amusing, but I don’t think I would see it any more than this one time.