June Favorites

Your girl did some spending this month on some brand new products and I guess you could say that I fell in love with some, if not most of them.

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Kat Von D’s Shade & Light Palette

Originally my sister had gotten me the Anastasia Contour Palette as a grad gift. I fell in love with it but was pretty freakin terrified to use it because I didn’t want to ruin it. There’s just something about an unused palette that looks so beautiful. While I was admiring it, I decided to do some research about it. My sister had gotten me the medium to tan range and upon further research, decided that the colors might be too dark for me. So as I thought about whether or not I should keep it or get the light to medium, I read numerous blog posts that said that they far preferred the Shade & Light palette when comparing the two. Taking all things into consideration, I decided to get the Kat Von D palette instead, paying the 3 dollar difference, and fell in love.

The shade and light palette comes with a huge mirror which everyone knows is always a huge plus when it comes to palettes. It glides on smoothly and does not look cakey at all. A little product really goes a long way and it is definitely buildable so gradually packing on the product is the best way to go.

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NYX Liquid Suede in Vintage 

When NYX came out with the Suede line, beauty gurus went bananas. I know how amazing their soft matte lip creams are so I knew that if this was anything even close, I had to grab one. I went to Funk & Frost at my local mall and fell in love with the color Vintage. My  lip stick collection, if you divided it by ratio, would be 50% reds, 40% plums, and 10% etc. I don’t have any dark colors, but I’ve been on the hunt for one so I knew I had to grab this. The sample swatch I did on my arm didn’t really do the product justice but I bought it anyway. I tried it on soon after, and I fell in love. It is very pigmented and it only took one glide to get a polished, even coat on my lips. I would say that the product is buildable. It sets matte and isn’t too drying unless you already had chapped lips beforehand. Exfoliate them lips before using any matte lip products ladies.

I didn’t pat my lips after so after a few minutes I kissed my nephew on the cheek and it definitely transferred. The next day I let it set even longer but didn’t pat and when I kissed my hand to check if it would transfer, it did a little bit. Nothing too much and definitely not enough to wash out colour from my lips.

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Beautiful Day Lotion & Mist

This was the scent that I fell in love with when I still worked at Bath & Body Works. I currently own the collection with the formula that has a green colour. The new formula for Beautiful Day changed it to blue. My sister purchased the entire set for me as a Christmas present so it has been my go-to. I didn’t really use it much in the Winter because it has a very floral, apple, and pear scent which I find more suited for Spring and Summer.

I have the complete set including the things I purchased while I still worked at B&BW so I have the body wash, body butter, body lotion, and mist. Since it has gotten pretty hot recently, I use the lotion instead of the body butter because I find it is less greasy and doesn’t make me sweat as much. Combined with the mist this combination lasts pretty much all day without being too overpowering.

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True Fiction Triple Threat Concealer in Warm Tan

For my graduation, I knew that I was gonna go all out. I’ve been using my e.l.f. Studio Contouring  Blush and Bronzer Cream in St. Lucia to contour but I am running very low on it. So I decided that while I was looking for other graduation makeup, I might as well find a good contour colour too. I was actually at the check out line in Funk & Frost when I stumbled upon their True Fiction line. I had never heard of it but I saw their concealers and tried one out. It’s a tube with a brush connected at the end so you can apply it directly to your face. It blends very easily and the color pay off is pretty good.


Duo Glue

Since I only wear lashes on very special occasions, I rarely ever buy glue, especially since some of the ones I own came with their own. Last year I ran out and I bought the Revlon Precision Eyelash Adhesive which was a tube and had a brush applicator. I loved the fact that it was a brush applicator and that it did dry on clear like the product claims. Sadly, after a couple of uses, I found that near the top of the tube, the glue dried up made it very hard to use the product. The glue even dried on the brush which was very annoying. I finally decided to replace my glue and I heard a lot of good things about the DUO Eyelash Adhesive. It was around 8 dollars at London Drugs and I am very pleased with the product. With one good layer, application was very easy and my eyelashes stayed in place without it feeling too heavy.


Canon Powershot G7X

I had been wanting this camera for a while now because I wanted to start getting into vlogging and everyone suggested this camera. For my graduation gift to myself, I decided to buy it and I immediately fell in love. I have been using the G11 for quite some time and although it was a great camera, I felt like I was due for an upgrade.

When comparing the two, the G7x is much faster when it comes to auto focusing. It is great in low light, it includes a flip screen to ensure that your framing is always A1, and it also has wifi. The wifi might is one of the best features because not only can you instantly send photos to your phone, but you can also do remote shooting which changes the game for me. I also noticed that when I film the camera stabilizes the frame because I am hella shaky but the videos come out looking really smooth.

Picture quality is amazing, video quality is just as amazing if not more so. Everything is A1 and I can’t wait to film more throughout this year.

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Los Angeles Dodgers ’47 Clean Up 

It has been humid af recently and humidity + my hair = me constantly looking like a hot mess. My quick fix is to throw on a hat. This monthly fave was actually a gift given to me by C and he got me this hat because he wanted something to remind me of my home in Cali….. but no I never lived in LA… they just didn’t have any of the SF Giants hats…. HAHA. The thought behind it was so cute. The fit is perfect on me and my big head. I hate hats that have high crowns so the fact that this hat has a looser structure made it very easy to conform to the shape of my head. Insta-fave for sure.

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My number one source of entertainment during my commute this past month has been podcasts. I got a little tired of listening to the same playlists on Spotify so I decided to get into podcasts again. I already have a blog post in progress with a list of some of the ones I listen to so I’ll talk more in depth in that post. But yeah, if you want to look like an idiot laughing to yourself while on the train, or want to learn more about stuff, or listen to stories, you should give podcasts a try.

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Doritos Dinamita – Chile Limon

I…. love Hot Cheetos. But here in Canada, it is very rare to spot a bag (even the little snack size ones) in a grocery or convenience store. With the difficulty that comes with finding the original Hot Cheetos, it is basically like spotting the Loch Ness Monster when it comes to the Hot Cheetos Limon. I happen to love the limon flavor even more than the original Flaming Hot so when I spotted these in a Rexall downtown, I had to buy it and try it out.

The dinamita chip is basically a Dorito rolled up before it is fried, or however they cook it. The chile limon flavouring on the chip is very close to the Flaming Hot Limon chips. It definitely satisfies my craving but unfortunately it’s only limited time so I don’t even know how long it will be available.

Game of Thrones

By far one of the best seasons. Although the plot was a bit predictable at times, it was executed in a way that still made the show interesting. The finale started off on a high note and kind of coasted towards the end (I mean, how are you going to begin the episode UP IN FLAMES??). Nonetheless, great season. I can’t wait to see how the next season goes especially since the writers can literally take it anywhere they want to.