Though this whole post is about me going on and on about podcasts, I am still fairly new to this. Aside from one or two podcasts I frequently listen to, I’m still on the hunt for more.  I am also open to listening to educational podcasts but have no idea where to begin. So if you have any great suggestions, feel free to let me know!

I usually listen to podcasts on my commute to work. My total transit time is an hour and half. So if you add up me going to work + going home, that’s a total of around three hours. More or less depending on the traffic. In podcast time, that’s about 2 episodes.

I’m very pop-culture oriented. I am attracted to podcasts that talk about current events, or are interview based; you’ll see that heavily reflected on the list I’ve curated down below. I also noticed that most of the titles I’ve listed are comedy based. So…. if you enjoy suppressing laughter on public transit and looking like a maniac, holla at these.


I don’t even know how long I’ve loved Anna Faris for, but I know it’s been a long time. So when I heard that she was starting a podcast, I had to jump on it right away. Anna hosts the podcast with her friend and producer Sim and I just love their chemistry. Anna has guests on her show and for the beginning part it’s a typical get-to-know you kind of segment which includes a not-so-rapid-fire portion and for the second half, they get callers with a problem they need help with and they give “unqualified” advice. Some of my favorite episodes have got to be T.J. Miller, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Evans and Jenny Slate, and Olivia Munn. Often times, her husband Chris Pratt makes a cameo and it gets even better.

He rapped one time. It was awesome.

The Read


This is a podcast hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle. I’m going to be honest and say that I didn’t even know who they were prior to listening to their podcast, but I remember scrolling through the explore page and seeing their logo and thinking, aw that’s cute why not see what they’re about. I saw their posts and noticed that they talked about current events in pop culture so I said, why not.

Let. me. tell. you. I did not know what I was signing up for.

I love their unfiltered, uncensored, and raw opinion on everything and I agree with them about 90% of the time. I only don’t agree for the other 10% cause sometimes I don’t know what or who they’re talking about. They’re not afraid to speak their minds and I soak it aaaaall up. Crissle’s laugh is also very contagious so beware of that. I love the segment they have in the beginning called Black Excellence where they pick someone to showcase  from the African American community and it’s something that I thoroughly enjoy because most of the stories they share should be something in the main stream but never get the attention they deserve. So they use their platform to let people know and I think that’s awesome.

On a serious note, during some episodes they do delve in to the topic of racism and I find it really eye opening. I like to think of myself as someone who is very aware of the problems that African Americans face but it is clear when they talk about it that there is so much more that you can learn.

This is one of the first podcasts I started listening to and I continue to listen every single week.



Nerdist was a very familiar name since I’ve already known of Chris Hardwick and the Nerdist franchise. So that was an instant subscribe. He does interviews with some very big names such as Chris Pratt, Kit Harington, the guys of Workaholics, Gary Oldman, Sir Patrick Stewart, and so forth.

Chris has a really good way of asking the right questions without coming off awkward but he also doesn’t ask repetitive questions that celebrities would get elsewhere. Chris is also a pretty big nerd (get it?) so you feel like he’s very professional but sometimes the little fanboy seeps out. Which is something I love hearing because it makes him very real and very relatable in a way. I’ve had to suppress so much laughter from some of his episodes, especially with the Workaholics boys and Anthony Mackie. It definitely does not disappoint.

NPR: Ask Me Anything


Before I even knew what a podcast was, I knew that if you listened to NPR, you had your shit together. Like.. that was the sign that you were a full fledged adult, you were never late on your taxes, you drove your kids to school in a mini van, etc.

What I did not know was, they have different branches. They have a channel for pop culture, music, and so on. Ask Me Anything is like a quick game show and I am a sucker for trivia games so when I listened to Sir Patrick Ian and Ellie Kemper’s episodes, I was hooked. They have about 4 mini games throughout the episode where they have two people compete. Whoever wins then goes off into the final round where the it is last man standing, spelling bee style. I like that it gives my brain a little bit of exercise before heading to work.

2 Dope Queens


Filmed in front of a studio audience, Jessica and Phoebe talk about sex, love, and share stories all the while featuring some of their favourite comedians. The chemistry between them is so smooth it literally feels like I’m just listening on day to day conversations between two friends.

I think that in all the podcasts I’ve listed, this has got to be one of the most well produced. The music is always on point, transitions are A1, and the overall production feels very professionally done.

This is just yet another podcast that makes it hard to nap on the way to and from work.

Another podcast I recently listened to but isn’t listed here because I’ve only heard one episode is Alton Browncast. I love Alton Brown and I saw that he had Jet Tila in one of his episodes (whom I also love) so I knew I had to listen to it. It was just a casual conversation between two friends and diving into their origin stories and about what’s to come in their careers. A good listen to anyone who likes the two chefs. They also talk a lot about Cutthroat Kitchen which is literally one of my fave shows.

As you can see I have created a very small list. Although I believe that the lack in quantity definitely gets made up for in quality.

Let me know what podcasts you listen to and you feel I would enjoy. I am always open to suggestions … and I’m already running out of episodes to listen to sooooooooo. Yeah. Let me know!

As always, with love from me to you,