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I have been watching Us the Duo on Youtube back since they were dating. From then, until now… they are still as cute and as goals as ever. Anyways, since then, they have come to Vancouver and played two shows  as opening acts in the past couple of years. Sadly, I missed both of those shows. But when I heard that they were headlining their first tour, I knew that this was a show I couldn’t miss.

My company’s policy allows it so that we get to leave an hour early every Friday during the Summer. Because of this, I got to meet up with Audrey at the Rio Theatre at around 4:10-4:15. The line wasn’t long so we were pretty confident that we were going to get good seats.

After standing in the muggy heat while both wearing Zara bombers (ayyy) we hoped that it would be cold inside and that there would be seats. Much to our luck, the venue had both. While everyone from vip to the front of the line all chose to sit on the seats. The venue also serves as a movie theatre on some days so the seating arrangements were very nice especially for people with height deficiencies such as Audrey and I.

The show was opened up by the Gardiner sisters who are also known from Youtube. Their opening set was about 5-6 songs with a mixture of covers, mashups, and originals.

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After another 10-15 minute wait, the words “us the duo” lit up the curtains and we knew that it. was. about to go. dowwwwwwwn.

Processed with VSCO with acg presetAfter only seeing them on screen for so many years, it was really something else seeing them so close. They sang songs from their new album Just Love which according to Michael Alvarado was purposely released the same day as their show here in Vancouver. Since it released at midnight and I had work all day, their new songs were still new but did sound familiar because I heard the short snippets from the apple store. An instant favorite was definitely Not for the Better.

They also sang classics like No Matter Where You Are, a song that I played lots in the beginning of mine and C’s relationship – Falling in Love, and a song that made me simultaneously weep, get kiligs, smile, all while singing along – Make You Mine.

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In between their sets, there were moments where Michael and Carissa just made me swoon by their sheer chemistry and just seeing how much they love what they do and ah. But also there were moments where it literally felt like we were watching a comedy show because their humor is just as amazing as they are.

The overall show lasted a half an hour, but it honestly felt like 30 minutes. I did not want it to end.

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They played one song for their encore, which was (Stop) Just Love, and prior to the show, there was paper going around that said “STOP DONT THINK, VANCOUVER LOVES YOU”. So once they started playing the first chords of the song, everyone raised their signs and you can see that it definitely hit them in their feels.

It was also during this song that I captured Carissa saying hi to me so, I was pretty damn giddy.

It was a great night, a great show. I just wish I had cash to buy merch 😦

As always, from me to you,