Because reviews saying a movie is shitty  will never scare me away from watching something. Especially something that I have been pretty excited for.

The first I ever heard of Suicide Squad was when the task force was created in Arrow Season 2 (episode 16). They didn’t exactly use the same people but they did both have Deadshot (Floyd Lawton). Coincidentally in both Arrow and the movie, Deadshot was a top favorite.

For those who haven’t seen the movie and have no clue what the Suicide Squad is, it’s basically a task force of criminals created to carry out top-secret missions for the government. And if all else fails, the government can always blame them for what took place. Now why would bad guys help out the government??? Because little trackers containing bombs are inserted into their spine to ensure that they cooperate.

Will Smith and Margot Robbie completely carried the movie in my opinion. Margot really captured the ins and outs of Harley so well. It’s only with great acting could you feel pity for Harley and even understand why she transformed from Harleen Quinzel to Harley Quinn.

If you go into the movie with no expectations and to just be entertained, I think that this does a decent job. There are several comedic one liners but as Diego points out, some jokes do feel very forced and unnatural. There were parts in the movie where there would be some dialogue right before they transition to another scene and either my hearing is going bad or some of it just became inaudible. Speaking of inaudible, sometimes I had no clue what the hell Killer Croc was saying?

The main baddie in the movie was almost pointless. I understand that they had to pick a baddie that would fit into the storyline somehow but as an introductory movie to a new franchise, I think they should’ve gone after someone bigger and badder.

Another major plot hole for me is not seeing how these misfits found solace in each other and ultimately come together. Seeing as how most of them are known to work on their own (aside from Harley) it’s a little hard to see how a chip in their spine is all it takes to make them cooperate in the way they do.

Joker… Well. All I have to say is …. no thanks. After all the great portrayals of Joker that I’ve seen, this had to be the most … lukewarm. It almost felt like someone told him “Joker is crazy” and he just took that and rolled with it. Sure he sent people dead mice and sent a pig carcass to the cast… That doesn’t really mean anything if I look at the Joker and feel… nothing. Not terrified, not interested… nothing.

Viola Davis does an amazing job playing Amanda Waller. But at this point when doesn’t Viola do an amazing job? And just like BvS I enjoyed the cameos, although I wish there were more.

Overall, it was enjoyable enough. I’d rate it a 7/10. Just because I am willing to watch it again, for Margot and Will.