I mean, what 20 something and 30 something year old wasn’t excited when they heard that there was going to be a show based on our beloved Archie comics? And the bonus fact that Cole Sprouse would be playing Jughead? I was hyped. But then… the trailer came out and I was like, wtf.

The trailer was so dark and the fact that show’s main focus was about a death in their town… Let’s just say that I was no longer looking forward to watching the show.

Since I have little to no time to watch tv shows nowadays (except for a specific handpicked shows I hold near and dear to my heart), I knew that I wasn’t going to stay tuned on the CW… BUT THEN. Netflix picked up the show and will play their episodes weekly which gave me an excuse to at least watch the pilot episode.

I don’t know what it is about CW shows .. but I was hooked? But it wasn’t the main plot or the main character that hooked me in.

Here are the three main points that stood out the most to me while watching:

Betty and Veronica

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE these two characters (and the actresses who play them). I love that their Veronica isn’t the spoiled girl we read about cause let’s be real.. that gets old after a while. I love that she’s on this whole “redemption” journey but isn’t afraid to admit that she still isn’t perfect. Also Betty. Damn. Can we just take a step back and look at how much she has to deal with? *cue in mom handing her a refilled bottle of Adderrall* I love their dynamic, I love them together, I love love love. Love.

Where. is. Cole?

I know that it was just the pilot episode and they had so much to introduce, but what the hell Riverdale. I came here to see Cole Sprouse and you will not disrespect me by only showing him as that creepy kid that’s always creeping around in the shadows. Give me Jughead. Give me Cole. Thanks.

Archie suuuuuuuuuux

*yaaaawn* A “scandal”, being the new it guy, and just a bland and boring person make for a very sucky character to watch. It might just be me, I don’t know but I was very underwhelmed whenever Archie was on screen. His character was given too much to work with and in my opinion it wasn’t executed well enough for me to feel anything for his character. Sidenote: the only characters worse than Archie is hands down Ms. Grundy, blech

That being said, these are just first impressions, from the first episode. Thanks to it being on Netflix, I will most likely keep watching and see where it goes. Damn you CW and your ability to hook me in.