I am going to begin this by saying that I am not a fan of overly-executed action movies. They’re boring. *snoreeee* I wish I was just using that as  figure of speech but on multiple occasions I have actually fallen asleep in the theaters because the explosions and the fights got so boring.

I don’t know how but John Wick is a very big exception to that rule. In the first film, there was a gradual build up to the action. Chapter Two on the other hand, starts within the first 5 minutes.

*Sidenote: In the theater we were watching at, there was so much violence that it made an old couple leave 15 minutes into the movie.

Chapter Two picks up two weeks after the events of the first movie. It begins by John tying up the final loose ends with the Tarasov syndicate, . He gets reunited with his Mustang and he finally gets to go home and return to his retirement. Yaaaaaaaay! WRONG. Did you honestly think that John could leave again, now that people got word he was back?

As he lugged his once scratch free (now holding on to its dear life) Mustang home, John finally had a moment to breathe. Despite watching the first movie a while back even I felt like I could finally breathe.

That breath lasted a good 2 – 3 cycles. Hell, John even had the chance to bury his just-in-case-I-have-no-choice-but-to-be-back chest of goodies. And right as he finished smoothing out the wet concrete, he hears a knock on his door. And who is it? It is none other than Santino D’Antonio, the man who made Viggo’s impossible task, possible for John. He caught wind of John being back and now he wanted to cash in his marker.

What’s a marker? Basically the secret assassin version of a blood oath. A contract that is unbreakable. So when Santino tries to cash in this marker, John humbly refuses. This then leads to Santino blowing his house up. But on a good note, its okay cause the dog is okay! No hurt pups in this film.

Now homeless, John then goes back to the Continental and goes to Winston to see if there’s any way to escape the marker. Unfortunately, there are rules to their society. And there is no escaping markers. Things take a turn for the worse when John finds out that Santino’s target was his own sister, so that he could take her place in the High Table.

Reluctantly, John flies to Rome and we get a pretty bad ass montage of him preparing to fulfill his marker. What I really loved about this montage is 1. John. has. connections. It really shows how he is the best out there. 2. They were opening up the world of assassins. And the world is biiiiig y’all. 3. John is prepared… for any and all possible scenarios.

Though not through his own hands, the marker was honored when Gianna D’Antonio drew her last breath. But like I said, John was ready for any and all possible scenarios, so when Santino’s henchmen were sent it to.. tie up loose ends, John was ready. What he wasn’t ready for on the other hand, was Gianna’s handler, Cassian (played by Common). John had explained that he had to, it was a job done for a marker. Cassian understood this, but due to the relationship he had with Gianna, it was personal too. We were then thrown into a good round of fisticuffs between the two before it lead them falling into the Continental. And we know that there is no violence inside the hotel.

After John gets away, Santino decides to put an open bounty on John. And like I said, this movie really showcases just how big the world of assassins is because not much longer after, it seemed like everyone was after John. We even got a glimpse of the great pencil tale from the first movie.

Winston then goes to Santino in order to verify that John had done his duty and the marker has been honored. But, he couldn’t leave without letting Santino know how stupid he was. Not unlike what happened with Viggo and Iosef.

But as John promised in the trailer, “Whoever comes, I’ll kill them. I’ll kill them all.” Although that scene actually happened much later in the movie, it still applies.

And that was true, until the end. When it was just Santino and John at the Continental Hotel after John had chased and tracked him down.

Like I’ve said, we all know the rules of the Hotel. Remember what happened with Ms. Perkins in the first movie. So when John came into the Hotel, filled with anger and with a gun in hand, Winston tried to diffuse the situation.

“Jonathan, just walk away.”

He echoed it over, and over until. Bam. Just like that, John had committed the biggest offence in the Hotel. I was literally pulling my hair because WHY JOHN WHYY.

As mentioned, once you spill blood inside the Hotel, it is punishable by death. On top of that, John had killed a member of the High Table. (I read a couple of fan theories after that it was the member of the High Table that had launched the worldwide bounty on John). Winston ended up showing John that he ultimately had the power to kill him right then and there. But instead, had given him an hour head start before the mark can begin.

And just like that, he was off. The scenes of John running as everyone’s phones rang felt so ominous. I kept saying that this movie really focused on growing the assassin society and that scene did a really great job of even making me worried for John.

Loooooong retelling short, if you liked the first movie, you will love this movie. It had all the good action scenes and it did a really great job of growing this world and creating possibilities of future movies or spinoffs? I would love to watch something revolving around Winston because he is pretty damn badass.