The year is 2029, and the man once known as Wolverine, one of the classic members of the X-Men is now known as James Howlett, a chauffeur. After a montage of driving clients, drinking booze, and making shady backroom deals with doctors, we soon learn that just across the border, he and fellow mutant Caliban are taking care of Charles Xavier (who is suffering from a neurodegenerative disease). Hidden inside a water tank and drugged up with the medicine that Logan receives from his deals, Charles’ telepathic abilities are kept at bay in order to prevent his abilities from causing devastating effects.

Logan’s day to day schedule was interrupted once a nurse named Gabriela tasks Logan with driving her and a her child named Laura to North Dakota to escape men who were after her child. Coincidentally, the man they are running away from (a man named Donald Pierce who works with Transigen) had already approached Logan. With a body that no longer heals like it once used to (seen limping throughout the movie, aged, and having wounds that take more than a day to heal), Logan tried to weigh out the pros and cons of helping the woman. The answer became clearer when the woman offered a promise of $50,000, with $20,000 up front. This money would make his dream of buying a boat for him and Charles a reality, so he agrees to the job.

When he goes to pick up Gabriela and Laura, he finds out that Gabriela has been killed with Laura no where to be found. Knowing that the men after Gabriela will be quick to follow, Logan rushes back home to make sure that Charles (now considered as a weapon of mass destruction due to his seizures causing temporary paralysis to everyone around him) is not found.

When he reaches their hideout, Caliban finds a little girl’s backpack and bouncy ball and asks Logan where it was from. Recognizing the ball having been used by Laura, he grabs it from Caliban and in comes Pierce. He tells Caliban to go to Charles and makes sure he stays quiet. Though alone, Logan knew that wouldn’t be the case for long. Pierce asks Logan why he didn’t call the moment Gabriela contacted him and even starts poking around about Charles. When their conversation starts to get heated, a pipe flies from out of view and knocks out Pierce. We soon find out that Laura, had thrown the pipe and Charles tells Logan that she is the new mutant that he had been communicating with. Caliban and Logan had assumed that it was just his neurodegenerative disease talking due to the fact that there had been no new mutants for over 25 years.

Charles takes the girl in and Logan tasks Caliban with tossing Pierce in the middle of no where. Charles and Logan take Laura in. Charles tries to communicate with her but with no verbal reciprocation from Laura, it was a good thing he’s a telepath eh? Though only a brief cut scene, we see that Pierce had become conscious and was pointing a gun at Caliban. Soon after, Logan’s fears were justified as he sees a unit of cars headed their way. With Charles’ safety as his main priority, he tries to escape only to be surrounded by the men. Pierce sends his men in and moments later, Laura steps out, backpack on, carrying … a head. Pierce tries to urge her to calm down but she doesn’t back down. We then learn that little Laura’s ability is something we’ve seen before, adamantium claws. Two on each hand and one on each foot. With quick and skilled moves, Laura is able to kill any man that is sent after her.

Logan, upon seeing her ability, is suddenly driven to help. They escape and Logan has more than a couple of questions about Laura and where she came from. They use Gabriela’s (a nurse from Transigen, and not Laura’s mom) phone where she had filmed a video explaining who Laura (also known as X23) is.

Transigen, the company Gabriela once worked and Pierce currently works for, are responsible both for the near extinction and the creation of mutants. Transigen had collected mutant DNA for a cloning experiment. This experiment enabled them to put previous mutants’ genes into babies and create an army of their own. Though they were trying to build an army, the kids were .. kids. They had consciousness. Some of these kids realized what they were “made” for and chose to die instead of become a soldier for Transigen. With this realization, Dr. Rice (the mad man behind it all) decided to create X24, a soldier with no soul and consciousness. After a success trial, Dr. Rice realized that he didn’t need the kids anymore and they had started to get rid of the kids but not before the nurses working at Transigen allowed  as many kids as they could escape.

The three decide to stop over to get some rest and get a new ride (since the one they currently had was filled with bullet holes and missing windows.) Caliban, whose fate was unknown until now, has been held captive by Pierce and his men. Now they want him to use his ability to seek Laura. After getting a new car, Logan headed back to the hotel where he sees Pierce’s men surrounding the hotel. Suddenly, everyone experiences paralysis which could only be triggered by one thing, Charles. Using every bit of his might, Logan goes to their room, which he sees has been compromised. He works his way to Charles, killing everyone in the room in the process, to give him his medicine before escaping as soon as possible.

They set off on their drive where Logan reveals to Charles that the sanctuary they were seeking to drop off Laura to, was nothing more than made up fiction found in an X-Men comic book. Though Logan insisted this, Charles didn’t care. Eden was real enough to Laura and that was all that mattered. As long as they did their job, he would no longer fight Logan, they would finally buy the boat that he had been planning.

They come across a family in need of help on the road and after helping, had insisted that the “Howlett family” come over for supper to show thanks. The supper scene made me happy because for once, it seemed like all was well. They were just a grandfather-father-daughter family staying with a kind family sitting around making jokes about each other. It was getting late and Logan insisted that they leave, thinking about how their staying there was putting the Munson family in danger. Charles insisted that they could leave at the break of dawn, but no matter what, they needed to stay to get a proper night’s sleep. Logan reluctantly agreed and put Charles to bed before hearing that the Munson’s had a problem of their own. Logan left with the father, Will to settle matters.

After fixing the water supply and having a run in with the new owners of the land that part of Will’s property was on, the two headed back home. It was almost the break of dawn when Logan walked into the room but Charles insisted that he let Laura sleep just an hour longer. Charles then goes on to say that the previous night had been one of the most perfect nights that he had had in a while. He then also mentions that he had finally remembered the Westchester Incident. He remembered that Logan had tried his best to get him to forget about it by not mentioning but now the memories were coming back, as he was talking about this incident, Laura had laid awake listening, Logan stepped closer and closer, before putting his fist into Charles’ chest.. and exposed his claws. Laura hearing what happened, woke up and started attacking the man, who was not Logan at all, although he looked exactly like him. The youngest Munson came into the room to help but the doppelganger who by context clues we learn is X24, kills the boy and proceeds to kill the mother as well. Will and Logan (the actual one) arrive and Will also gets killed as he tried to go to his family. x24 walks past Logan, but not before an intense stare down, carrying Laura who was shackled. Logan runs past and screams for Charles with no response. He runs upstairs and grabs Charles and says, “It wasn’t me, it wasn’t me.” He carries Charles to the car in hopes to take him to get help, but instead becomes the place where Charles draws his last breath.

Locked up and betrayed, Caliban (who we learn was the one that lead them to the Munson house) yells out to Pierce, “You said you only wanted the girl!” he then takes two grenades and sets them off in the van that he, Pierce and another man were on.

Filled with rage, Logan charges after X24. Despite X24 being stronger and be able to heal faster, Logan’s rage made the fight almost equal. Though he was trying his best, it seemed that all hope was lost as X24 almost ended Logan’s life, until he was struck by a car, driven by a dying Will Munson.

Logan takes Laura, and off they escaped, leaving a very much alive Dr. Rice behind. In a gut wrenching scene, we see Logan burying Charles near a lake. He tries to speak for Charles but gets choked up and is unable to speak. *sidenote: there was not a dry eye in the room, I swear* Laura goes to comfort him before he pulls away and goes on a rampage when he realizes their car won’t start. Exhausted and unable to heal, he passes out.

He wakes up to a doctor saying that he needs to rest and that there is something inside him poisoning him, Logan refuses and leaves with Laura. They sit in the car and Laura finally speaks. She urges that they go to North Dakota, to Eden like they originally planned. Logan refuses and tells her that it’s made up but she does not back down, even punches him in the face. So he finally gives in, and agrees. As they drive, Logan falls asleep on the wheel and Laura insists that he either let her drive or he pulls over and rests. After a couple of hours, while Logan slept, Laura decided to drive. Logan awoke to the sun beaming down at him. He gets up and realizes they are in the middle of nowhere. He goes out and looks above and sees Laura climbing the cliffs, and sees a shack… they were there… Eden.

He passes out once again and wakes up surrounded by kids. He learns that they had made Eden real and served as the meetup spot for all the kids that the nurses had set free from the Transigen facility. The kids were given a certain day to reach Eden before all the kids left to seek asylum across the border. Logan, noticeably weaker than the beginning of the movie, proceeds to tell Laura that the same thing that had made him the killer and the man he was today, was also what was killing him. The adamantium had been poisoning him and suppressing his mutant ability to heal and not age. Laura, expecting him to go with the kids to asylum was devastated when Logan wanted no part of it and just wanted to head out as soon as the kids left the morning after. He told her that he couldn’t if he wanted, since something bad happens to anyone he ever cares about.

The morning the kids set off, Logan sees drones headed towards the path the kids were on. Using a telescope, he sees just as he feared. Pierce and his army were hunting down the kids before they reached the border and would receive protection from the men. Logan knew what he needed to do.

He ran after the kids and took the serum that accelerated his healing and made him strong once again. Not long after saving Laura, the serum had started to wear off. He knew that they were too close now to give up. They proceeded to try and save the captured kids under Logan’s plan.

Logan had distracted everyone enough to pay attention to him. Once he was able to kill Dr. Rice, it set off the chain of events of Laura helping free the kids and the kids using their abilities to kill off the rest of the men holding them captive. Focused on Pierce, Logan was ambushed when Pierce freed a newly rebuilt and healed X24. Much weaker than he was during their first fight, Logan once again was losing to the soul less doppelganger. As X24 was about to kill Logan, Laura used Logan’s adamantium bullet and shot X24.

Laura rushes over to Logan who she knew was too far gone now. With a branch impaling him and Logan no longer showing signs of healing, this was it. Logan smiles and says “So, this is what it feels like.” before passing. Laura refuses to let him go and whispers “Daddy..” before breaking down.

The kids lay him to rest near a small body of water and Laura quotes Shane for her fathers eulogy. “There’s no living with… with a killing. There’s no going back from one. Right or wrong, it’s a brand. A brand sticks. There’s no going back. Now you run on home to your mother, and tell her… tell her everything’s all right. And there aren’t any more guns in the valley.”

As Hugh Jackman’s final reprisal as Wolverine (and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier), it couldn’t have ended in a better way. Their banter throughout the movie (and the fact that I have never heard Professor X swear as much as he does in this movie) was my favorite part. I mean that, and the sheer badassery that Dafne Keen showed as Laura/X23.

I laughed. I was touched. I bawled my eyes out, which I have no shame in as I sat in a theatre filled predominantly with guys and there was not a single dry eye in the room.

I will surely miss Hugh as Wolverine, seeing as how I literally grew up and loved him in this role through the past 17 years. But the way they wrote this movie really did give closure on the character and served as the best final bow. I can’t wait to binge all the X-Men Movies and the Wolverine Trilogy in a couple of years and get all up in my feels again.

After some research after watching the movie, I had seen many theories about what exactly the Westchester Incident was. It is known that Westchester is the location of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Watching the movie, I had assumed that the incident was something caused by the Professor. How his first seizure may have set off an effect so intense and so uncontrolled, that it lead to hundreds of casualties in the school. Though there are others that also believe this, there is another theory that if the creators of the movie had decided to base more of the movie on Old Man Logan, it would have been Logan (under a spell by Mysterio) who had caused the casualties in Westchester. After waking up to hearing intruders storming the school, Logan had awoken to fight the intruders to protect the children. After the spell is broken he sees that he had actually been attacking his fellow X-Men. The director was thinking about filming a flashback to explain what the incident was, but instead opted to keep it open to interpretation. He wanted to focus the on the emotional effect of Patrick’s scene. Which, he did an amazing job in.

So, yeah. There’s that.. Oh and if it wasn’t already obvious, my rating for this movie is a solid 5/5, 10/10, A+++++ if you love his character, if you love the franchise, if you’ve never seen his character, if you heard a coworker or a stranger talking about the movie, if you just love amazing movies, go. see. it.