As if you needed another movie to remind you that if you discover life form from a different planet, you should probably leave it alone.

It would be a lie if I said that there was any other reason that I watched this movie aside from Ryan and Jake, buuut. Yeah. That’s what sold the movie for me. I’m so glad that I did watch it though because I got a lot more than I asked for.

I asked for two beautiful men and was rewarded tenfold. I got a great cast, a great story, and (though a little predictable for me) kept me on the edge of my seat.

For those that don’t already know, the movie is about a crew of six astronauts aboard the International Space Station tasked with retrieving the space probe returning from Mars which contained a soil sample. Within the soil sample, they find manage to extract a single cell organism. Using the lab, British biologist Hugh (Ariyon Bakare) is able to mimic an environment to revive the once dormant organism. With things going smoothly, the organism grows and evolves. Showing positive signs as it interacts with Hugh in multiple occasions, the crew is able to tell people on Earth about it and was even named Calvin. Shortly after, an accident in the lab tempered with Calvin’s environment, which made it once again go dormant and showed no signs of response.

Quarantine officer Miranda North (Rebecca Ferguson) states that the accident may have caused Calvin to become dormant as a defence mechanism. Hugh, insistent on Calvin’s revival tries to “wake” it up by using a mild electric shock. The first shock seemed to have not done anything until Hugh shocks Calvin again instantly waking it up. Calvin grabs Hugh’s hand so strongly that it ends up breaking it.

Shortly after, Calvin showed it’s intelligence by escaping it’s controlled case and finding ways to escape the sealed lab. Worried for Hugh’s safety, Engineer Rory (Ryan Reynolds) breaks protocol and pulls out Hugh, while Calvin unknowingly latches on to him. Not wanting to let Calvin escape, the crew locks Rory with Calvin.

And that is where things really pick up and it becomes Calvin against the members aboard the I

One of the things I loved about this movie was how it embraced diversity. Not only in the sense that there are a variety of races in the space crew, but in the sense that the crew’s mission commander was a woman. Not only that, but in my opinion the women of the crew were some of the most bad ass.

For a nearly-two hour movie, things moved fast. C said that the beginning was a little dull for him but I was captivated from the beginning. Not just from the visuals but also by the introduction of the characters and the stories that came along with each of them

Overall, I would give the movie a 4/5. Although I called a lot of things that would happen (much to C’s discontent, oops haha) I was definitely gripping his arm during a lot of scenes. Great performances, great story, great overall experience.