Your favorite ragtag group of misfits is back with more sarcasm than ever. PS: spoiler alert.

If anyone knows me, they’d know that I absolutely loved Guardians of the Galaxy Vol .1 because it was unlike any other comic book movie adaptation that I’d seen before. That, and the soundtrack was pretty badass.

Chris Pratt brought to the big screen the same humor that had made me fall in love with him in Parks & Rec and I was there for it.

Vol. 2 is no exception. The movie was filled with hilarious moments that literally had me laughing out loud, something that most comedy movies these days fail to have me do. But aside from the wit, banter, and sarcasm I was in awe with the stories that James (Gunn) decided to tell.

It’s no secret that Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) had always wondered who his father was. So when the Priestress/Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki) had pointed this out, the Guardians were very quick to call her out. Ayesha is part of the Sovereign, a genetically engineered race obsessed with perfection. So when she came to learn that Peter was only half human, she calls him an “unorthodox geneology hybrid.” Visibly hitting a sensitive nerve, Drax (Dave Bautista) and Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) came to Peter’s defense. Rocket even going as far as insulting the Priestress, a crime punishable by death in the Sovereign.

Drax tells Rocket that he’s lucky the Sovereign allowed him to leave peacefully and Rocket responds by agreeing while showing him the batteries (that they were asked to protect and which caused Nebula’s (Karen Gillan) incarceration in their planet).

The Sovereign learns about Rocket’s theft and set after the Guardians.

While the Guardians were trying to escape, it seemed that there was no way out, until One-Inch Man saves them by single-handedly destroying over two dozen Sovereign ships. This One-Inch Man turns out to be Ego (Kurt Russell), Peter’s father.

We finally come to learn that Peter is a half Celestial. Someone born from the stars. This explained how exactly he was able to hold an Infinity Stone without exploding into the tiniest of particles. But although things were looking up for Peter, everyone else was feeling a little sus.

While Drax, Gamora, and Peter joined Ego and Mantis (Pom Klementieff) back in Ego’s Planet, Baby Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel), Rocket and Nebula were back with the crash-landed ship.

The Ravagers, lead by Yondu (Michael Rooker) had been sent by Ayesha to apprehend the Guardians for undermining them, an obvious flaw to their flawless race. When the Ravagers were finally able to surround Rocket (after what might be the funniest 2 minutes of Rocket torturing them with traps he had set, but also a great showcase of exactly what Rocket is capable of aside from building things), Yondu sets off a mutiny when he decides to take the batteries that Rocket had stolen instead of handing over the Guardians.

The Ravagers decide to turn against their old captain and instead imprison Rocket, Groot and Yondu with the guidance of Nebula.

Who’da thunk that the unlikeliest of pairs would bring out some of the strongest scenes in the movie for me? Before approaching Ego’s planet, Yondu gets real with Rocket and explains why Rocket had been acting like a straight douche throughout the movie. Yondu yells at him saying “I know who you are.” Despite him acting like nothing gets to him, that he doesn’t care about anyone the one thing that scares him is the fact that feeling love and care just reminds him of how empty he is inside. Yondu says “I know who you are because I am you.” Yondu explains that just like how the scientists that had created Rocket didn’t care about him, his own parents that had sold him didn’t care about him. And that they grew up learning that anyone they started to care about would eventually leave. Cue all the tears, tbh.

Back down in Ego’s planet, we learn that basically, he’s a super sus dude and he’s kind of a bad guy? Not just bad… kind of super duper what in the fuck’s hell is wrong with you? Kind of bad.

He shares with Peter that throughout the millions of years of his existence, he had placed a “piece of himself” in all the worlds that inhabited lifeforms. Throughtout these same worlds, he had impregnated a woman and bore a child with each of them. None had the ability to harness the “light” except for Peter. Peter, in a brainwashed state, wondered how Ego could say he loved his mother yet have children with literally almost every race. Ego confesses that he loved her the most, and that’s why it was so painful to put a tumor in her brain.

YES. I KNOW. I LITERALLY. COULD NOT. I FREAKED. I wasn’t joking when I said that he’s kind of the worst?

I don’t want to ramble on about the rest of the movie but I will just say that it’s freaking great.

Yondu’s storyline had to be my favorite. There was some top notch writing for him and the ending with the Ravager Funeral, all that Yondu had ever wanted, had me sobbing in the theatre.

A good measure for this movie would be, for as many times as it made me laugh, it also made me cry just as much. But then again I am uber sensitive.

Hell, even when the Guardians were imprisoned and Baby Groot was doused with alcohol, I was tearing up! NO ONE TOUCHES BABY GROOT!!!!!!!

I am waiting for more people I know to watch this because I just have so many feelings. I need to get them out.

It was a great movie, and with this movie there is SO much more to come.

  1. Adam Warlock – remember the Sovereign? The people they pissed off? Welp. In the end credits, Ayesha is seen telling one of her handmaids that she is creating the most perfect specimen to end the Guardians, “Adam”.
  2. Howard the Duck – throughout the movie, maybe three times overall? Howard the Duck makes an appearance. What does this mean? Will he get his own movie? Will he be teaming up with the Guardians?
  3. Teenage Groot – the first end-credit scene shows Peter yelling at a now-teenage Groot to clean up his room. Looking broody and very focused on a gaming machine, Groot gives Peter attitude. What could this mean for their future missions? Will Groot be staying in the ship to sulk while they fight off the bad guys? Or will he be standing in the sidelines playing video games?

The humor, the story, the freakin’ guest appearances? I mean Stalone? Hasselhoff? I am happy to say that not only does Vol. 2 live up to the first movie, a very difficult feat for most sequels, it also enhances the storylines (and the team) for the Guardians.

Closer together and with new additions, it seems like there’s nothing that can defeat the Guardians. But with the Celestial part of Peter gone, how will this affect his future?

Overall rating, 4.5/5. I can’t wait to rewatch it. Ahhhhh. If you’ve seen it, feel free to comment below because I just have so many feels that I wanna talk about!!!!!