Set in Themyscira, home of the Amazons, this movie focuses on Diana. Diana (Gal Gadot) wants nothing but to become an Amazonian warrior like her fierce aunt Antiope (Robin Wright) but her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) forbids it. Queen Hippolyta explains that the Amazons train in fear of the return of Ares, the god of war, who once corrupted mankind. Ares was also responsible in the murder of all the gods, including his father Zeus. Zeus had struck Ares but it was only enough to injure him, sending him down to Earth. Since then, the Amazons have been anticipating and preparing for his return.

Sneaking behind the Queen’s back, Antiope decides to train Diana throughout her adolescence until one day, she is caught by Hippolyta.

Antiope persuades Hippolyta that the time for Ares’ return will come and to give Diana her best chance, she must train and become strong enough to fight alongside the Amazons. Hippolyta agrees but only if Antiope trains Diana twice as hard, harder than any other Amazon before her. She must become so strong that one day she may even defeat Antiope.

Shielded from the outside world, the Amazons must face a difficult decision when a man named Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) washes up on Themyscira’s shores and talks of a war that will “end all wars.” Certain that this is the work of Ares, Diana must choose between the mission to defeat Ares or to listen to her mother and stay in Themyscira.

Despite the disappointment that I experienced with the prior DC films, I was still hopeful for Wonder Woman.

I’m glad that the film delivered.

Throughout the film, especially in the first half when it focused on the island of Themyscira, all I could think was “Wow. Young girls need this.” I was in my chair feeling like I was ready to kick. some. ass. after seeing Gal as Diana training, and especially seeing Robin do all of her scenes. Sidenote, she is queen so I’m already obsessed with everything she does and this is no exception.

I also really enjoyed the fact that there were Amazons that were women of color because hey, this may come as a shock, but not every young girl watching this film is of the Caucasian race! So I really loved that.

I loved that the romance between Steve and Diana wasn’t the driving force of the movie, but was more of an underlying storyline that aided in pushing the movie forward instead of taking away from it. I’m still convinced that the casting of Chris Pine for Steve was DC’s petty way of preventing Marvel from hiring every Chris in Hollywood, but he did a good job as Steve. I believed it, I saw it, I was invested, and my heart was smashed into a billion pieces.

The latter part of the movie felt a little too familiar to me though. A man (Steve) recruits a ragtag group of guys, becomes a local hero, professes his love right before going off to do something the woman (Diana) tells him not to do, and .. well sacrifices himself.

Sound familiar? BECAUSE THATS BASICALLY CAPTAIN AMERICA. COMPLETE WITH TAKING HOLD OF A PLANE AND SACRIFICING THEMSELVES TO SAVE THE WORLD. I mean Cap went down into the water and Steve (oh wait, will you look at that, they are both named S T E V E !!!) goes up into the sky. The moment right before he he fires his gun was powerful though because you saw his expression change from adrenaline, to fear, to calm, to proud. Hence all the tears that flooded my glasses.

That’s not to say that this movie didn’t have its faults though. The bad guys were meh to me, and their dialogue even more so. There was a little too much explosion in the background in some scenes and in my opinion unnecessary at times. Some CGI stuff was dodgy but it wasn’t on screen long enough to bug me too much.

All in all, it was a good movie. I feel like in this day in age it is a great movie to show young ladies everywhere. This movie will make you want to train like an Amazon the moment you walk out the theatre. I give this movie a 4/5!