First stop: Ohana Poke
DSC01619For the second year, and third time, in a row, C and I’s first stop was Ohana Poke. It was the only thing on C’s mind the whole drive from Surrey to Richmond and boy was he happy when he finally got his hands on a bowl. We ordered an Ahi Tuna Original as we always do and it did not disappoint. The marinade on the fish, the seasoning of the rice, the taro chips. A+. We plan on going at least one more time this year and you already know that this will be our first stop.

Second stop: Tabetai Tacos
After we got our poke, the cashier told us that Cooking With Ben had opened up another stall for this year’s Night Market and we were given coupons for a dollar off two or more tacos at the new stand. We made our way to ___ Taco but I decided to only get one taco. One option stood out to me the most and that was their pork belly. It was succulent, it was well seasoned and the apples that it came with perfectly complimented the pork. The one thing about it is it does get a tad bit messy because of the cut of the pork and the size of the tortilla.

Third stop: (fried squid)
DSC01625While C came knowing that he wanted poke exactly, I came knowing I wanted deep. fried. squid. I don’t recall which year it was but there was a year when a stall called Shaka Shaka Squid that served some bomb ass fried squid, but sadly it wasn’t there. I believe that this stand was the only one selling deep fried squid and it did its job. A little too oily for my liking and a little dry, there was no sauce on top but it was still good nonetheless. They offer it in salt & pepper, spicy, and sweet & sour and I went for salt and pepper.

Fourth stop: I’s Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
Another Night Market staple for us. There’s not much to say. Lemon, squeezed. Syrup, pumped. Water and ice, added. Cup, shaken. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Literally. I have no clue what syrup they use but the strawberry one always tastes so authentic and I looooves me some homemade strawberry lemonade, so this is my jam.

Fifth stop: Mogu Japanese Street Eats
Ugh, I know that the Night Market is a great place to try new things but yet again, we have returned to another staple stall. Mogu always gets their chicken karaage right and ever since C and I went to our first Night Market together almost …. 4 years ago now, it is still our go-to. We shared a mini between us so we got 4 pieces, 2 each.

Sixth stop: (fish stick)
C loves his battered fish so when he saw people walking around with literal sticks of battered fish, in his words he said “I would have regretted walking out of here without getting (one).” Haha, it’s that serious. They offer around 5-10 flavors (I can’t give an exact number) but C went with the tzatiki flavor. The batter was light

Seventh stop: Sippy Tea
DSC01703Walked past Sippy Tea and and I was willing to overlook the Instagram-ness of the packaging and look for something else but C saw the words “Coffee and Tea” on their sign and was immediately hooked. Well, that and they had his favorite flavor White Chocolate. I was a little skeptical at first but in one sip, we were pretty hooked. You don’t really think that coffee, tea, and white chocolate would blend well together but it does! I have no idea what tea they use but the underlying notes of the tea made this drink really refreshing.

Eighth stop: (takoyaki)
I think there are about three(?) stalls that offer takoyaki but due to the traffic, we chose to go to __ cause it was the nearest to us when we decided to get takoyaki. They offer octopus, shrimp(?), scallop, and cheese flavors. I opted with the original, octopus. The flavor was good, but  I did find the batter to be a little runny inside, feeling almost a little undercooked. I don’t t think that’s the case though, I just think that the batter to octopus ratio was higher than I’m used to.

Ninth stop: Taiyaki
DSC01808One of Night Market’s staple stalls, the Taiyaki stall was packed as always but the staff were so quick that the wait wasn’t any longer than 10 minutes. I opted for the Kit Kat flavour with ice cream and topped with Pocky. I don’t know what else to say except amazing as usual. It’s like eating a crispy pancake with a melted Kit Kat inside topped with a smooth and creamy ice cream on top.

Tenth stop: Icy Bar
Every year I usually get shaved ice topped with mango, strawberry, ice cream and condensed milk. I wasn’t feeling the bowl of shaved ice this time around so I decided to opt for this instead. It’s literally basically the same thing just in cup form, haha. It has shaved ice, I’m assuming a syrup maybe(?), basil seeds, a little condensed milk, strawberries, and mangoes. Really good, pretty refreshing. Perfect way to end the night.

Ah, while writing this post I realized that I should have taken note as to how much each item was but I completely forgot, will make sure to do so next time. All I know is that for all of this we spent around 65-67$.

C and I shared everything and we were pretty stuffed at the end of the night.

The entrance is $3.75 for adults. We spent a total of three hours spent only at the food part of the market. We wanted to try so many places that we had to keep weaving through the traffic and waiting in lines that we were pretty tired by the end of it. We did see that they added new attractions such as the Dino ATV ride for kids, a mechanical bull ride machine in the middle of the market, and even a little bumper car attraction for kids.

There’s not much else to say about the Night Market, aside from the fact that it is something that a big population of Vancouverites (and tourists alike) attend every year. It does get a little hectic so if you have never been and are deciding to go, wear comfy shoes. Bring a light sweater. Prepare to walk through large crowds of people. Try not to bring your dogs… it’s way too crowded, don’t put them through that.

And most importantly, come on an empty stomach!