*Kanye West’s Black Skinhead starts playing*

John Wick, Jason Bourne, 007. Ya they’re all cool and all but how about adding a badass female to the mix?

Atomic Blonde is about an MI6 agent that is sent to Berlin to investigate the death of a fellow agent who had on him a very important package. A package that could expose the identity of all agents to the highest buyer.

The movie begins/is centered around Lorraine Boughton’s (Charlize Theron) interrogation with MI6 executive Eric Gray (Toby Jones) and CIA Agent Emmett Kurzfeld (John Goodman).

I was actually shocked to learn right off the bat that the movie was taking place in the 80s cause nothing was ever mentioned about it in the trailer. It was also valid to not know what year it was because everyone was dressed just like how they could be dressed today, aside from a b-boy or two here and there.

I wanted to love this movie so much. I love seeing badass women on-screen (refer to my Wonder Woman review) and I was excited to see a movie centered around a female agent. I guess that in turn is what made my expectation so high for the movie.

Unfortunately, the movie just fell flat for me more than a couple of times. Some of the interrogation scenes were just drawn out and the B-Roll scenes I guess added to the whole old school action spy film but some just felt unecessary.

Some of the fight scenes felt and looked a little sloppy BUT the saving grace for those and maybe even the film, was the fight scene in the building when Lorraine’s mission to deliver Spyglass (Eddie Marsan) had been compromised.

It was my favorite because 1) there was no background music. There were a lot of grunting and heavy breathing but that’s exactly what pulled me into the scene. 2) they weren’t afraid to show how EXHAUSTING fighting gets. I am guilty of watching fight scenes in a movie and asking how in the world they don’t get tired or remain composed not letting out a single hard breath. Hell, squatting 35 lb dumbbells makes me grunt out loud I can’t imagine flipping a man and doing it with composure. Charlize’s screams and grunts were so tense and hard that I could tell she was really giving the scenes her all.

There was even a point where she had fought off 4 men already and was on her last and she couldn’t even stand anymore (neither could he for that matter) and I was living for it.

An aside but an important one would be the scene between Charlize and Sofia Boutella’s character French agent Delphine Lasalle. It was a quick maybe minute, minute and a half sex scene but wow the passion! It wasn’t overly in your face but it was still also believeable.

I love James McAvoy and I don’t know if my heart can handle him playing anymore people you want to hate but boy does he do it well.

Overall, I give the movie 3.5/5. As I was wathcing the movie I was set on a solid 3 as it was just passable.. It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t also a film I would go back to watch to see if it could change my mind. But but but after that fight scene that I talked about and the ending (!!!!), it managed to sneak it’s way up a little bit.

If you feel it deserves more than that, please do share as I may have missed things (disclosure: I only had 5 hours of sleep and I was pretty tired) that could contribute to making the movie good.

But yeah other than it being good, having pretty sick 80s music, and a great cast, it was just okay for me.