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2017: The Year of “Me”

  Well hello there! Long time, no talk. 2 0 1 6 got cray. Personally, globally, generally. But since it is the beginning(-ish, oops.. I started drafting this on the 5th and it is now the 18th) of the year,... Continue Reading →


Dear younger me,

In honor of my 21st birthday this past Saturday, I decided to make a post of ten things I would tell my younger self. Seeing as how I've done a lot of adulting especially this year, I thought that this... Continue Reading →

Life Update: Halfway through 2016

Since we have officially hit the half year mark, I decided to do an update to see how I’m doing with my 2016 Goals. Graduate with good grades. Find practicum downtown and make it a permanent job.  Figure out during... Continue Reading →

New Years Goals

Hello, 2016. This is the year we’re gonna get. shit. done. I was going to make a New Years Resolution post, but resolutions have a reputation behind them as things people say they will do, but give up on soon... Continue Reading →

A look back at 2015

This morning when I woke up, I had a realization that Christmas is done.. which means that there are only 6 more days until the New Year. This made me feel pretty nostalgic about the year and caused me to... Continue Reading →


Hello, I would just like to begin this by saying if you seek actual help, I am not the person to ask. I barely got by as it is, but what I can tell you is who to go to.... Continue Reading →

The Perpetual Beginning

I would like to say that this is my very first time creating a blog, but the sad truth is this might just be somewhere along the lines of my fifteenth.. That is, if I count the blogs I've started... Continue Reading →

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