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Vancouver Eats

Richmond Night Market 2017

First stop: Ohana Poke For the second year, and third time, in a row, C and I's first stop was Ohana Poke. It was the only thing on C's mind the whole drive from Surrey to Richmond and boy was... Continue Reading →



As someone who spent years in Cali surrounded by the best taco joints, you can say that I've developed an obsession with them. Living here in Vancouver it is so hard to find taco spots, let alone ones that taste even... Continue Reading →


I don't know about you but when I think about my relationship with Chipotle, I think of that Vine when the kid goes "I LOVE CHIPOTLE, CHIPOTLE IS MY LIFE." And since I worked there for a while, that addiction... Continue Reading →

Vancouver Eats: La Casa Gelato

La Casa Gelato produces over 200 flavours. Very intimidating, but trust me the experience is what makes La Casa so unique. You walk into the store, and you head to the cashier to purchase your cone. They go by scoops,... Continue Reading →

Vancouver Eats: Catch 122

I have no clue if it's obvious but ... I'm kind of in love with Brunch? Like if every single meal could be one category... it should be Brunch. With that being said, my boyfriend and I have a list... Continue Reading →

Vancouver Eats: Wooden Spoon Co.

During the #BCStorm, and due to the fact that we had an electrical stove, my boyfriend decided to take me out to eat for brunch. If it wasn't obvious by now.... I really love brunch. It is by far my favorite... Continue Reading →

Vancouver Eats: Yolk’s

For my birthday brunch, I had a hard time choosing where to go due to the vast options Vancouver had to offer. I narrowed it down to a couple of places and I decided where to go based on their... Continue Reading →

Vancouver Eats: Be’wiched Cafe

C and I eat out... frequently. But last year we realized that we just binge ate wherever we went and we weren't really watching what we were eating. We're a bit different this year. First of all, we want to eat... Continue Reading →

Vancouver Eats: Truffles

I've always wanted to have afternoon tea. I mean, it's a grown up tea party. With pastries. And macarons. What could be better? So I decided that for my birthday, I should finally go out and try it. When I... Continue Reading →

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